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Travel guides can be the number one choice for those who are addicted to traveling around the country and abroad. If you work as a travel guide in Bangladesh, of course, you will not get any opportunity to travel abroad.


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However, Manmat will be able to taste adventure in Bangladesh including remote areas of the country. There is no end to the variety in working as a travel guide and if you are a person who likes adventure, you will get bored or tired - there is no such opportunity.

A travel guide at a glance

General Title: Travel Guide
Category: Tourism
Type of organization: Private firm / company
Type of career: full time, part time
Level: entry
Experience limit at entry level: 0 - 1 year

Possible pay range: Y

Possible age limit at entry level: Not applicable
Key Skills: Travel interest, communication skills, being able to build collaborative relationships
Special skills: Patience, ability to handle stress

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