Dark travel

2개월 전

C V to wake up the darkness of the river cchalacchala sound woke up the Aba R

Looked at the foot ndu the moon from Styx half shadow

As if wrapped up

Towards fame.

I was lying on the bank of the river Dhansiri - on the night of Poush -

Always awake and b do not know

Never awake b is I- never awake b is R

O blue, a stu emergency glow of the moon ,

You are the light of day are , enthusiasm art , dreams are ,


The peace and stability of death in the heart ,

There is that deep sleep

She - you don't have the guts to ruin the taste ,

You untapped inflammation instruments na nao

You don't know the moon ,

A blue stu emergency glow of the moon ,

You don't know what night ,

I have been for many days-

Many, many days

From mingling like eternal death in the essence of darkness

Suddenly the morning light fool A. cchba himself the creature or ' Lt.

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