Magdalena Peninsula-Santander Spain


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Hi friends

Today I am going to introduce you to the Peninsula of La Magdalena.

Located at one end of the city of Santander Spain.

general view of the zoogeneral view of the zoo

We are in summer with a sunny climate but without extreme heat.

Located 30 minutes walk from the city, it has communication with buses.

Four steps away we have the beaches of fine golden sand

But this peninsula is not just a beach, it is made up of cliffs that reach the Cantabrian Sea, green areas with many types of trees since it has 24.5 hectares of green area with the Palace of La Magdalena.

A castle that is in good condition and beautiful to visit.

There is also a small zoo with seals, sea lions and penguins, they were hiding in their houses when we visited it.

A nice summer day Camel beachA nice summer day Camel beach

So let's start our walk in this area.

We arrived by bus from Bilbao after a journey of 60 minutes, the bus dropped us off in the city center (the price of the ticket is about € 6).

We waited for the bus that would take us to the Peninsula.

Bus: 1-13-2-4-7c1-7c2

After several stops we reached our destination after 20 minutes

He left us in a garden and large sidewalks, lined with benches to rest in the shade.

A few steps down a few steps we have the beach, Santander has many beaches on its coast.

With parking for the car but the advice is to leave the car in the city since all the places are usually occupied.

View from the gardensView from the gardens

We have not come to sunbathe but to discover this natural beauty.

After seeing how people enjoy the sea, we started walking through a green park.

Peninsula mapPeninsula map

With guides if you want or a small train to do the tour.

A red trainA red train

We prefer to walk.

The enclosure does not have large slopes and can be done with the whole family.

The blue seaThe blue sea

We start on the left, they advise to start on the right, but we always like to go against the current.


We found the little zoo, with seals.

seals in the sunseals in the sun

We are lucky and we see them as they give them food, they are on the edge of the coast, it is free and a pleasure to see these animals.

how delicious the fishhow delicious the fish

A little further down are the penguins, as I mentioned they were hidden in their caves, it was a hot day and we couldn't see them.

views from the zooviews from the zoo

Then there are the sea lions, swimming uncensored, a good time to feel in nature.

enjoying the waterenjoying the water

We continue our walk and we find the sea, well you will always see the sea since we are on the same edge over the cliffs.

Cantabrian SeaCantabrian Sea

We see the entire coast to the left the beaches and to the right the island of Mouro with its lighthouse

Cabo Mayor lighthouseCabo Mayor lighthouse cape entrance entrance

Then we have

Museum of Man and the Sea

An open-air and free museum, where we can see the Galleons looking out to sea ready to start the journey.

the old wooden boatsthe old wooden boats

There are the three galleons that he used in his oceanic adventures: the "Ana de Ayala", the "Cantabria" and the "Quitus Amazonas".

But in the foreground we see the mermaid with her conch calling for calm to the sea.


Attached to these galleons is the raft built in Guayaquil (Ecuador), on which it crossed the Pacific in 1970, the longest journey in history, carried out in such a fragile model of a boat, with wood and ropes and bamboo.

crossed the Pacific in 1970crossed the Pacific in 1970

We continue walking and seeing the coast, under the shadow of the twisted trees, seeing the sea on the horizon.

sailing with the windsailing with the wind in the shade of the treesin the shade of the trees

A few steps away we can dazzle the palace, with its flags flying and its towers and battlements, as if we were in the Middle Ages, since its architecture is like the first day, it seems that it was built yesterday and not in 1908.

The palace gardens are the entire peninsula.

hidden view among the greenhidden view among the green Magdalena PalaceMagdalena Palace

We always follow the route in a green area full of benches and tables, where you can rest.

perfect to restperfect to rest

We have almost covered its entire perimeter, and from a small height we can see the entrance with a large esplanade that overlooks the beach.

La Magdalena beachLa Magdalena beach

Below the mound we can see Royal Stables today converted into residence for the university's students.

Royal stable roofsRoyal stable roofs entrance to the student residenceentrance to the student residence

With playground for children, meadow to enjoy with family or friends and bars.

A good plan to spend a day in nature, between the green of the land and the blue of the sea.

If it is summer you will have pleasant temperatures, almost never very hot.

general viewgeneral view

In winter it is a windy and rainy area, but you will also see the sea roar that also has its appeal.

A good walk for the whole family, where you can stay to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Or hop on the bus and enjoy the culture of the city.

The entire tour is free and in one morning if you get up early you have time to go through it or you can bring your swimsuit and towel and enjoy an afternoon at the beach.

We do not enter the castle, with the pandemic you have to ask for time and day.

It was a nice trip, with a nice summer day.

the coastthe coast Until the next excursionUntil the next excursion

Cantabrian coast-Santander -Spain

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