Flash Back to the Old Norm! Bocaria Market in Barcelona Spain Early 2019!

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Travel Pro Places of Interest #: Mercado Bocaria in Barcelona Spain! Part Six (10 photos)

We're taking another trip back in time to the old norm. A mask free open air market in Barcelona Spain during my time spent there almost two years ago.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling the world is exploring the markets. The market place is so exciting, it truly has an energy of it's own. The market is where people come together, socialize, and showoff what's good in their part of the world. It's fun, it's cultural, it's tasty, and I love it!

The Barcelona Bocaria Market had to be one of the, cleanest, most beautiful, and most high end open air markets I have ever visited in all my 16 years of travel and international living. Day after day they put on a dazzling display of all things Spanish and delicious. Walking around with my camera in hand I quickly realized that I was not the only travel blogging game in town.

Everyone there seemed to be taking photos. The food looked literally picture perfect! The people working there were perfectly accustomed to photographers snapping away. The one thing that I did notice is that the people working there were speaking in English quite often and most people there were tourists! Then I realized that the market was located right off the main tourist street of La Rambla and is a tourist attraction itself.

For any foodie it's a must visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. As a "budget traveler" who offers "budget travel" tips, you can get pretty much get the same food at a more local market for about 25-50% less. The higher price comes with the tourist attraction element and wow factor of the display. Overall the Bocaria Market in Barcelona Spain is simply incredible, now come along and lets have a look around!


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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