Travel Pro Flashback to the Old Norm! Odessa Ukraine 2018! (11 photos)


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Lets take a trip to a mask free Odessa Ukraine. Hop into your time machine, we are going back to the summer of 2018. What a great place to be and what an amazing trip it was!

Odessa! Surely the highlight destination of my time spent in Ukraine. From the perspective of a long term budget travel, Odessa offers the best quality of life for the least amount of money in all of Ukraine.

The food is great, the nightlife is excellent, the beaches are beautiful, the history is rich, the people are nice, and the weather is the best in the country. It's safe, it's cozy, it's easy to get around, there is a huge market to explore, and your money goes far!

No wonder people flock to this small city on the Black Sea from all over this part of the world. Being a veteran backpacker it's obvious that this has driven the airbnb accommodation market into extreme competition, driving down the prices, and allowing incredible deals to be had.

For all these reasons and more Odessa is the place to be when visiting Ukraine and I've set up shop here for over a month. So this real life captured series is extensive and if you follow it closely you too may feel like you've already been here. Now come along and let's check out the Real Life Captured in Odessa Ukraine!

A sincere thank you to all those who follow this blog and have followed this extensive Real Life Captured Series on Odessa Ukraine!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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