Travel Pro Places of Interest #214: Tamarind Night Market in Hua Hin Bangkok! Part Six (9 photos)


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This is one of the coolest night markets I've ever been to. For Starters Hua Hin is a bit of an upscale town for Thai Standards. It's only two and a half hours south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand. It's where Thailand's middle and upper class come for a weekend getaway or even for a second home in one of the many high rise condos looking out on the ocean.

That being said this was one of the cleanest and classiest markets I've ever been to in Thailand. Featuring really good live music and all sorts of food. There was a very large seating section and the food stalls were out in full force. At this market one could choose from BBQ spare ribs to traditional pad-thai and just about everything in between.

It was a full blown culinary extravaganza all at prices only Thai people would accept. In other words things were priced for the locals not for western tourist where prices could easily get out of hand, double, or even triple in some parts of the country like Koh Samui and Phuket.

The food was fresh, tasty, very well presented and it made for a great photo opportunity to share with you what Real Thai food is like at it's very best. I enjoyed some pork satay, roast chicken, pad-thai, stir-fried red curry, one fresh coconut, and a little ice-cream. Call me a pig and I'll say oink oink!

Now come along and lets see what's cook'n at the Tamarind Night Market in Hua Hin Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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