Travel Pro Places of Interest #247: The Buddharma Garden, Chiang Mai Thailand! Final Part Four

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"Detachment is a way to relax". "All things arise, exist, and expire". "The more you think you are wise, the more you prove foolish." Are just some of the signs hanging on trees in this Beautiful Garden Monastery.

Being connected to Nature is a commonality among Bhuddhism and Buddhist Temples themselves. In the Islands, many temples would be on the coast line facing the sea creating a beautiful ocean side setting.

Some temples here in Chaing Mai are located up in the mountains, in the jungle with huge trees and big Buddha statues looking down on the city below. This temple, Wat Umong is located at the foot of the nearest mountain in the low lands on the outskirts of Chiang Mai City. No beach or hillside here, but instead they have a big pond, caves, and have created a very impressive Garden area with Buddhist concepts and sayings hanging all over the trees on the property.

The city itself was founded over 700 years ago and this temple feels like it may be that old. The first thing you will notice when you arrive here are people going into and out of the side of a little hill. There is a small dug out cave system that once you enter you feel like you are suddenly Indian Jones looking for the Golden Monkey Shrine!

Above the hill is a huge "wat" that looks like it's been there seemingly forever. This temple has a very old historic feel. It was not immaculately decked out in amazing statues and art like other temples in this part of the country, but it has a historic element that can't be beat.

With the monks doing their late afternoon mediation and chants, as you walk through the gardens and caves, Wat Umon leaves you with a peaceful feeling that carries with you for the rest of the day. It wasn't the best photo op kind of place, but I did the best I could! Now come along and lets have a closer look at Wat Umong the Buddharma Garden in Chiang Mai Thailand!



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