RE: Welovepowerups #18 - My New Step: 20K SP / Welovepowerups #18 - Il mio nuovo traguardo: 20K SP. [ITA/ ENG]

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Welovepowerups #18 - My New Step: 20K SP / Welovepowerups #18 - Il mio nuovo traguardo: 20K SP. [ITA/ ENG]

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Dear Steemit Team,
first of all, thank you for thinking of me and mentioning me.
I've been puzzling a bit about what you're trying to tell me....

I have been on Steemit for almost four years and have never sold a single STEEM. All my liquid STEEM and SBD end up in the PowerUp. Because I believe in the Steem, because I believe in the concept of the Steem. And it's not only my STEEM (earned and invested) that I put into the development of Steemit, but also a lot of time and energy. For more than half a year especially for our community Deutsch Unplugged and the community account @deutschunplugged. This work is voluntary, I don't take a single little STEEM for it.
What I don't do, however, is to hang my PowerUps on the big bell, to present how "great" I am and to collect money for it.
I do believe that your #club5050 is a great offer (is there also #club100? LOL). What are the requirements? Should I now document when I have powered up? Or should I use the hashtag because I definitely belong to this club? Or do you want me to promote this club in my community? That would be an easy one: We barely have a member selling STEEM. We (almost all) believe that good content will prevail, that quality will become more important than wallet, and that this very mindset will recruit interested, talented writers to the Steem!

Once again, thank you very much for the mention. It feels good because I think you used it because you appreciate my attitude.... ;-) Thank you!
Best regards from Germany, where a small Gallic village fights for the original spirit of the Steem and puts the soldiers of fortune in their place... Great to know to have you on my side,

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Tagged you as we know you and many of your community will qualify.

Nothing needed more than using the #club5050 tag on normal posts at this time. No special posts needed.

That should attract some more votes to your community (although votes are not guaranteed).

Thank you

PS We have been considering a #club100 as well 😀


We have been considering a #club100 as well 😀

I will be honored to be your first long-term member.... 😂

All right, thanks. I'll pass the info on to my community - just give me a minute... 😉


I think it would be interesting if someone did a power up 100% of their income. Especially for newcomers. And for this time I will try to power up 100% of my income today.


#club5050 is a very good idea sir. but I will prove my commitment to you being #club100. Steem On. 😃