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When engineers start to create a construction object, the first stage requires drawings, and then a model of buildings in a reduced form. The same thing happens when creating a website 🌐

👉🏻Developers create a prototype of the site so that in the future they do not waste time on revision and fixing errors.

The creation of a layout usually requires the participation of several parties. ✔️The customer and manager not only organize the workflow for designers and programmers, but also control the progress of work with a certain time interval.

After receiving the technical assignment, the team starts working. Thanks to the prototype, you can see which objects fit together, which don't, and which should be removed altogether. The customer adjusts the intermediate results and, in case of full compliance with the requirements, gives the command to proceed to the next stage: website creation🛠

📌Prototyping is a complex process that requires the attention and coordinated actions of all participants in the workflow, who must have the appropriate knowledge in their fields.

Req&Doc has been providing services of this nature for a long time. You can always contact us and get a free consultation from qualified specialists👌🏻

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