The Best Photo Contest, 32° week . Are you ready? Last prize 9,06 SBD!!!!!

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Dear photographer friends.
Are you ready for a new game for the
contest The Best Photo organized by @italygame?
The new week of the photo contest has started and you have until November 27 th to submit your photograph!
Again this week the awards were very generous for both the winning photographer and those who voted for the winning photograph.
We are curious to see your fantastic photos… the most beautiful!

Remember that
-The theme is free!
-Published on the ITALY community
-Use the hashtag #thebestphotoitaly

Meanwhile, the awards ceremony of the first week of The Best Photo contest has begun, which distributed 9,6 SBDs for the winner of the photo and for those who voted for the post that was the winner.
In this comment by @italygame you can see the distribution of the prizes.

Screenshot (168).png

We at @Italygame are very keen to enhance the work of the many good photographers who are on the Steemit platform and for this reason we have made available this award mode that is giving really interesting prizes.

So participate with your most beautiful photo, the one that, even after many years, arouses the most emotion, or the one you consider technically perfect or that photograph that has been able to capture a moment of beauty.
Photography is a transversal art that we are very interested in promoting adequately as @italygame witness.

And also participate in the voting of the photos selected in the post THE BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK CONTEST ✨ / 32° Week / LAST WEEK PRIZE 9,06 SBD
If you vote for the winning photograph you can earn too !!!

I address this invitation to the many photographers who are on this platform: we can't wait to see your BestPhotos!
I have certainly forgotten many good photographers: Forgive me!

Are you ready?

I’m part of the @Italygame Team together with @mikitaly, @madrunner , @ilnegro, @famigliacurione and @girolamomarotta

Progetto senza titolo (10).jpg


Progetto senza titolo (10).jpg

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