Italy my honeymoon trip

2개월 전


It is said that it was built more than 800 years ago, more than 1,000 years ago. It's a miracle that it can be kept so complete. The castle has been inherited by the owner here for generations and has always belonged to this family. Think about it in the country, it is estimated that it was expropriated long ago! The furnishings in the castle are very simple, and the dummies in armor look genuine. On the first night, I thought there would be jet lag and couldn't sleep, but I did not expect to fall asleep in seconds. However, I wake up a bit early in the morning. Since I am here, I don't want to sleep late, so I plan to get up and take pictures of the castle. Opening the curtains, I didn't expect the scenery outside the window to be so beautiful and peaceful. And you can see the sunrise. I witnessed the scenes I only saw in the photos before, which gave me a good start for this trip.


Day 2: After taking various photos in the castle, we came to the Catholic Holy Land Vatican. The Vatican is really small, and there is no need to check in and out. Because Easter is about to come, there will be activities in the square. There are also more people. Because of the tight schedule, the tour guide urged us to line up to enter St. Peter's Basilica and take pictures while lining up. This is the case with the group, the time has to be arranged by the tour guide.
St. Peter's Basilica is the largest church in the world. It is said that the most beautiful building in Europe is a school except for the church. The Church of St. Peter by Michelangelo is the central church of the Roman Catholic Church, a pilgrimage site for European Catholics and the Holy See of the Pope in the Vatican. Knives are not allowed to enter the church for fear of damage to the internal sculptures. Before entering the church, I was attracted by the exquisite carvings on the walls of the corridor. Going further in, it really deserves to be the world's largest cathedral, majestic and majestic! It’s arranging for Easter activities. There is a boy singing what should be a hymn or something. The singing echoes in the church, purifying people’s hearts, making people awe-inspiring, and instantly feeling that it’s good to have faith.

After coming out of the Vatican, it is a city tour of Rome. Of the various well-known and unknown ancient buildings in Rome, the most famous one is the Colosseum, but when I went there, I found it to be a ruin! In the words of my wife, the whole of Rome is made up of ruins. But the ancient monuments are well preserved. The ones that can be used still live in, and there are few new buildings. Time in Italy is very tight, and in the evening I came to Florence, the birthplace of the European Renaissance. The most famous in Florence is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and the dome of the church can be seen far away. Going to the foot of the church, it's so big! Equivalent to 30 stories high, it is the fourth cathedral in the world. There is also the Palazzo Vecchio and the Statue of David are all iconic attractions. The devil story of Leonardo da Vinci, which I was chasing recently, took place in Florence. It was amazing to see the real Medici palace palace! In order to reduce the driving time the next day, I drove for more than 1 hour at night, rushed to Bologna, and stayed in a hotel next to the suburban highway.


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