Italy's culturally splendid Apennine Peninsula, indulge together

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Lost in the trails of Venice

From now on, get lost in the alleys of Shuicheng together. How to go around in Venice, apart from looking for some beautiful bridges, you can only wander. It is estimated that you may not be able to finish it in three days of wandering. Just wandering like this, without a map, I dare to pack a ticket and you will have fun, because no matter you go Where to go, there is the scenery. No matter if you are tired and want to sit down and take a break, there must be a coffee shop nearby that satisfies you. Of course, this kind of gameplay is only suitable for diaosi like my sauce. There are no high-end hotels and restaurants that must be clocked in. I don’t care if the coffee in this coffee shop is done well. I always want to drink instant coffee every day. Others should also. Can't miss it.


Step by step, one landscape, one picture, one artistic conception, enter the world in the photo, say hello. The clothes and bed covers are all exposed outside, which is very similar to what they look like in the alleys in Shanghai. When you look up, there is an old grandmother. You can see that this is where they live.

As soon as the hotel came out, it was already in the maze. There were countless small rivers and countless small boats, the sun was slanting, some places had sunlight, and some places were beautiful shadows blocked by buildings.


Haven't gone to a place where there are many people, slowly strolling around the hotel, it is a picture of Italian water village life.

Before I came, I said that I would collect all the bridges in Venice. It was a whimsical idea. How can I collect it in two days? I only need to live here.

At a corner, there is another bridge. Some are large and some are small, some are mottled and some are exquisite, some are hidden in narrow buildings, and some are exposed to the scorching sun.

In Venice, you can search for the sound, or you can go to a quiet trail to take pictures by yourself. Tourists and group tourists are a special feature in Italy. I have never seen group tourists in Switzerland and Austria. It means that everyone loves it. Come here! I hate that there are too many group tourists, there is no way, I don't like it, but here is Venice, synonymous with crowds of tourists.


In Venice's country houses, most of the walls are yellow and the windows are green. Do I look good on it? There is another bridge besides one bridge. In order to take a picture, it takes a long time to wait for the tourists to walk temporarily and then take the picture immediately.

Bridge in the Merchant of Venice

Walking and walking, I walked to a place where people were boiling, and I passed through this small square to the bridge in "The Merchant of Venice", the Rialto Bridge. This bridge is not only a landmark of Venice, but also one of the postcard shooting locations. There are countless small squares in Venice. If you don't reach a small square, you can sit and bask in the sun, watch the pigeons flying, and drink at the retro water pipe monument when you are thirsty.



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