Oil of the four thieves to increase the defenses of our body.

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Oil of the four thieves to increase the defenses of our body.


There are very famous stories about the importance of having a healthy immune system, in the 14th century during the bubonic plague that wiped out a third of the world's population, four thieves became famous for stealing the belongings of people who had died from the plague, people whom no one wanted to approach precisely for fear of catching the plague, however, these thieves never got sick even though the plague was so contagious.

According to the story, when the thieves were captured and had to be executed, the court, the king offered them a deal, these thieves would be released if they shared the secret of their immunity from the plague, accepted the deal and shared that day a mixture of herbs that were consumed daily, centuries later we found that the same combination of herbs is a good way to eliminate bacteria that are present in the environment, promote and stimulate the activity of your white blood cells and stimulate the circulation of your lymphatic system.

Perhaps the story of the thieves is real, perhaps not, it is but the formula known in Spanish as thief oil has existed since 1,413 and today the need to have a fit and strong immune system is clearer than ever, everyone We think about our immune system and much more than we imagine thinking when you wash your hands frequently, you think when you wash the food you bought, for example, vegetables and you think about your immune system when you take a supplement or some other substance to strengthen your body, unfortunately even doing all these things many of us catch a cold, sneeze or eliminate mucus much more than we would like and what seems healthy to us and sometimes all this happens in the middle of an important moment in your life like It can be a social commitment or a work commitment.

I share with you the recipe for how to make the oil of the four thieves, this oil is a powerful combination of 5 spices or essential oils with antiseptic properties, it is recognized or known as a natural alternative that can help against the transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi; How it is made, I am going to mention the cold maceration methods and we are going to need olive oil, eucalyptus leaves, lemon peel, cinnamon sticks, cloves and finally rosemary, the container that we are going to use has to be clean and sterilized and in it we are going to place all these ingredients we are going to chop and finally a handful of cloves that we are going to crush so that it releases its aroma and its properties finally we cover well with olive oil and cover well, then we would take it to a dry and cool place and we would keep it there for at least 40 days, shaking it from time to time and voila, it is smeared on the skin.

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