Dragonfly close up photos and discussion

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Something about dragonflies

Nature certainly is amazing. You'll be well aware about my thoughts and feelings about that if you've read my recent posts here. We are surrounded by so many miracles of nature wherever we look in our environment. Today I'm going to focus on one little facet of nature which crossed my path yesterday evening unexpectedly. If you are open to your sense of awareness and invite these sortnof chance encounters, it is amazing what you can see and experience in the beautiful world around you which is teaming with life.

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I'm fascinated by dragonflies. Maybe it's their vibrant colours? Perhaps it's their rapid movement? It could even be the fact that they seem to come out when we get nice warm weather here in Ireland? I'm not quite sure where they hide out in between warm balmy days, but they always make an appearance on warm days in Galway. They two I tend to see are skinny little blue guys and chunkier brown colourer ones. My post focuses on the brown variety which I happened upon randomly.


I've always appreciated dragonflies from afar and every so often got quite close to get a good look at them and was always amazed at their movement and colour, but on a recent walk we spotted this little guy and for some reason he was staying put on his blade of grass.


I said I'd chance getting a little bit closer to the dragonfly, as he seems very chilled for some reason. Usually once you get within one metre, they are gone, but not this guy. He let me get right up close and personal and he was still there when I finished taking my photos.



Look at those eyes. It's like something from a science fiction movie. I still can't believe I got so close to take these. I've been watching them from afar for so long, so it was really something to get facettime with one and even better armed with a high quality camera phone lense.

Collection of photos






Wing paterns

Look at that wing structure. There's something almost artistic about Nature's design. The patterns are so intricate and interesting to look at. Each shape is the way it is for a reason and the aero dynamics and manoeuvrability of these little guys is intriguing to view. It was so cool to get up close and personal with my own phone lens, rather than seeing them on a nature program or book.




These photos were all captured on my Samsung smartphone

Well, hopefully you enjoyed my photos and commentary.

Peace Out


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Waoo. Beautiful collection of photos @ablaze, I have always wanted to capture a dragonfly. The photos are great.


Thanks very much for those kind words 👍