painting girl and the new blender brush

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painting girl and the new blender brush

I was testing new blender brush and it gave me a new idea for my next painting , it is 1:07 Am and i am still awake
I paint this girl in photoshop , today i found a new tutorial about 3D in photoshop ! , i think it will be easier than cinema4d , i bought the video tutorial and will watch it tomorrow to see how i can use it for my tokenized works i think that would help .

screenshots of photoshop to show some steps of my work, I used a free image and I think it is totally different from that image now ))

Screenshot (736).png

Screenshot (737).png

Screenshot (738).png

Screenshot (739).png

Screenshot (740).png

Screenshot (741).png

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Hi friend, I love your look, I think it transmits a lot. Thanks for sharing, excellent image. Greetings!


hi , thank you so much :-) greetings !

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thank you very much