My Weekly Selection, 22th Week. Community World Of Xpilar

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World Of Xpilar is a community led by the friend @xpilar, which is based on supporting original content of good quality, which has to do with art, literature, nature and animal photography, digital image design, stories and even contests.

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We continue with the Saturday edition of My Weekly Support, in which I support three high quality publications that have attracted my attention, but have not exceeded 3 dollars as a reward at the time of publication, this being the limit to be taken into account in my selection. This support is aimed at those who publish good quality content in the community World Of Xpilar.

The selected publications will allow their authors to receive by transfer a percentage of the reward generated by my publication, this reward will reflect my vote in Steem or SBD as support.

The publications selected for this week are as follows:

Selection 1:

Title: Contest Week, Academic Qualifications.

Autor: @gabmr


Analysis: Excellent entry for the "Academic Qualifications" contest where he proudly displays his achievements and excellent grades.

Selection 2:

Title: Calificaciones Académicas

Autor: @theatrorve

Analysis: A publication addressed to the contest "Academic Qualifications" where he shows his experience in several academic institutions and the changes made for the achievement of his college career.

Selection 3:

Title: Academic Qualifications.

Autor: @rypo01

Analysis: A publication where @rypo01 proudly shows his grades and great achievements in his academic life..

In the 21th edition, a high extra incentive was achieved for the authors @rene8040, @cbarrientos36 and @jorcamjor, which have been favoured with 20% of Steem and/or SBD generated in the publication related to My Weekly Selection 21th Week

The publication generated the following reward:


Therefore, after making the relevant calculations, the distribution of the reward is as follows,



As you can see, the extra reward for the selected publications is equivalent to a net profit vote of $0.466 in favor of the author, I hope the authors are satisfied with the benefit given through "My Weekly Selection".

It is important to let you know, that my selection will be based on the following analysis.

Use the World Of Pilar.

History publications with original content and good quality with a minimum of 100 words.

Own photographs of good quality with a minimum content of 50 words

Own digital images with a minimum of 50 words

Own freehand drawings with a minimum content of 50 words

Have less than $3.00 at the time of the publication draft.

This work is done to promote quality content within the community World Of Pilar, giving you an extra reward for your efforts. The transfer of the reward will be made when the award of this publication is paid, until the moment, this reward will be equivalent to 20% of Steem and/or SBD of the earnings that I have in this publication for each user related to my selection.

If you have a recommendation, you can write a comment to be analyzed and taken into consideration.

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I invite you to visit the World Of Xpilar, and join the contests promoted in the community, here your link

World Of Xpilar


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Muchas gracias @adeljose por haberme tomado en cuenta para esta publicación.

Es gratificante ser visto y ser valorado por el trabajo que nuno realiza en el blog. Más en la comunidad de #worldofxpilar.

Gracias por el apoyo, tratare de seguir haciendo contenido de calidad para la comunidad.

Hasta la proxima...

#steemitconnection #onepercent #venezuela


Saludos amigo @theatrorve, gracias a ti por seguir mostrando contenido de buena calidad.

Que sigas creciendo en Steemit.

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Buen trabajo!!!
Me encantan tu imagen, separadores y firma


Gracias por su comentario amiga @mllg.



Hola, amigo @adeljose. Muchas gracias por el apoyo constante. Es un honor para mí estar en tu selección semanal.


Saludos amigo @gabmr.

Gracias a ti por el esfuerzo que muestras en cada publicación.