World Of Xpilar, The Ideal World. Report #49

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Greetings friends of Steemit.

The World Of Xpilar is a community where talent is valued, creativity and originality are important skills, the art of drawing, good stories and the creation of digital images, photographs and videos, are attributes that we look for among the publications.


The World Of Xpilar community has seen with great enthusiasm the acceptance and support it has had in the platform, which has been noticed in the number of subscribers that is increasing day by day, reaching the great sum of 11.058 and an excellent amount of active publication of 1051 this week. Therefore, on behalf of the World Of Xpilar team, we thank you for your preference. making us one of the most active communities on the platform. Here we value the experience and creativity demonstrated by each of you, increasing our willingness and commitment to continue working constantly for the benefit of all.


In the World Of Xpilar community we promote the support and participation of all its members, therefore, our administrator and friend @xpilar has made available for all of you a direct channel where we can share comments, questions and answers in search of improving the coexistence, development and growth of those who wish to participate and be members of World Of Xpilar.


Talk Channel is the channel to communicate directly with the World Of Xpilar team, and during this week we'll be talking about "Questions, Answers and Comments", any user who is interested in showing his idea or doubts about this topic, can communicate it through a comment.. Here is their link: TALKCHANNEL.

On the other hand, as previously mentioned, World of Xpilar promotes the participation of members, so the administrator and moderators of World of Xpilar constantly activate challenges or initiatives to maintain the dynamics of those who create creative and original content of good quality.

List of active contests:

"LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART" is the initiative organized by the moderator @axeman so that each of you can demonstrate your skills as a photographer, a contest where perspective and imagination will be present, here your link. LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #080.

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"CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART" is the initiative organized by the moderator @axeman so that each of you can demonstrate your skills as a photographer, a contest where perspective and imagination will be present, here your link. CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #080.

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Another contest that is open in the community World Of Xpilar is also promoted by the moderator @axeman who presents his Photo Contest, here its link: PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #044.

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Also active is the B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART which is an initiative organized by the moderator @axeman so that each of you can demonstrate your skills, a contest where experience and perspective will be present, here your link : B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #070.

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Continuing with the list of competitions of our community Xpilar's World, we present the TWENTY-SIXTH WRITING AND PAINTING CONTEST !!, an initiative promoted by the moderator @franyeligonzalez where users can showcase their drawing and story making skills. here your link :TWENTY-SIXTH WRITING AND PAINTING CONTEST !!.

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To continue with the list of contests of our community Xpilar's World,, we present the "MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY", an initiative promoted by the moderator @sultan-aceh in which users can show their photographic skills, here its link : "MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK #18"

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Our friend @davidad, has joined our contest line, through the event "Funny Photo's" where he invites everyone to show funny pictures during the week, and fill the platform with joy.. here his link: "Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit (WEEK XIV)"

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To culminate with the list of contests of our World of Xpilar community, we present the "DRAWING, Week #3", an initiative promoted by the moderator @adeljose in which users can show their skills to create good and interesting landscape drawings. here your link :"DRAWING, Week #3"

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In addition to this, the imagination is present before the main dynamic of @Xpilar, This week I will present two recent publications in which you can promote or encourage the creation of stories from the digital image created by @xpilar and thus win upvotes from the @worldofxpilar trail. Here is the link to his latest creation.


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Finally, in World Of Xpilar we bring a project where we complement the support for those who have shown creative content and good quality with low reward, My Weekly Support is ready to give you an added value that deserves the effort of making a high level publication, if you want to know more about this project you can visit the site. My Weekly Selection. Edition 59th

Other important events.

Continuing with the benefits we have for the members of the World Of Xpilar community, our friend @bambuka presents a summary of what has been the fifth week of the "14 days of DIVING" program.

So far, there are 6 users who have been granted a delegation of 50 SP for 3 weeks and are supported by the trail of @worldofxpilar, you can visit this publication by clicking on "14 days of DIVING".

List of beneficiaries is presented: @pastorjosuer, @keithboone, @dudithedoctor, @isabeldc10, @petface, and

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As of this moment, 21:30 Hrs on 01/06/21 the Steem value is $0.53, and the Steem Dollar value is $8.13. this information is taken from the CoinMarket page.

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In summary, the World Of Xpilar community offers a good variety of opportunities to support, develop and grow in a joint manner with all members of the community, here the competition is healthy and legitimate, we do not allow the plagiarism of information or images, so it is essential to enjoy clean while creating creative and original publications. World Of Xpilar appreciates the effort, sincerity and honesty with which they create their publications.

If you have a recommendation, you can write a comment to be analyzed and taken into consideration.

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Support @xpilar.witness here

World Of Xpilar


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Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.69 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

I see this community often share about art, photography and things related to art, but there are also some that I see writing posts about computer technology in this community, this makes me confused, is this a suitable place for me to write tutorials or technical stuff here?


Greetings friend @iqbaladan

World of Xpilar is essentially for content about graphic art, photography, watercolor drawings, hand drawn or digital, fiction stories, all original, creative and good quality content.



Thank you for the very detailed explanation above @adeljose, maybe in the future I should try to get out of my comfort zone to try new things like photography, and what makes me excited is the explanation about all original, creative, and good quality content that makes me dare to try to write and share it here.

Es una buena motivación para concursar en los diferentes concursos que la comunidad lanza cada semana, muy buena iniciativa saludos.


Saludos amigo @rubedarioh.

World of Xpilar les deja ésta cartelera de concurso para que todos ustedes conozcan las oportunidades que tienen para participar y buscar buenas recompensas.

Gracias por el apoyo.


¡Waao ! Son una increíble comunidad . Me encantaría unirme , una pregunta¿Debo hacer una presentación al unirme?


Saludos amiga @aurosam05.

Me alegra que estés interesada en participar en nuestros eventos, en World of Xpilar no solicitamos una publicación de presentación.

Espero ver sus publicaciones por esta comunidad.


Thanks for support 😃

Hi @worldofXpillar team @adeljose
You are really doing great job.I have joined back after 3yrs and saw whole friends and group have left.
But thanks to all of you.With your team Support I am trying to make new friends again.

@bambuka sir helped me to start my journey back.Thanks sir.

Once again thanks to all Leaders of the community.


Greetings my friend @crafter

I'm glad you found the support you want in World of Xpilar.

Thank you for your visit and comment.

Excelente reporte, muchos éxitos y bendiciones.😄