THE DIARY GAME: 5-2-21 A walk in the forest of Pelion at a sunny day. [ Power Up 100%]

6개월 전

The wether the last few days is more than great to spend some time in nature if you have this opportunity.
So we decided with a group of three friends to take a walk at the mountain of Pilion.
IMG_20210207_122802.jpgPelion is very approachable from the North side. If you leave in Volos city with the public transportation in forty minutes you can be at the foothills of this total green forest. Every 15 minutes a bus heading for this location.
At 10p.m we took the bus from the central of Volos city. Equipped with sandwiches, water our cameras or smartphone for those (like me lol) who dont own one.
This first photos are from the location around 4 a.m we choose to eat our lunch.

We spend literally the hole day at the forest. I think if we had the equipment we could spend the night.
I hope you enjoy the photos from this walk.
All photos by @aintaaa

Thanks in advance for any support.

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