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Ten years have passed since the first microchip was implanted into the brain of a healthy willing human being. The scientific world rejoiced at the achievement and so did the government. Many catastrophes had followed the Corona virus pandemic. The Earth fought back with so much ferocity at the irresponsibility of the human race. It was not war that brought about the change, although it was a symptom of our diseased immature minds that refused to live in harmony with nature.

The success of the ‘Mind-Chip’ was short lived however. The human brain with all its potential did not operate alone. There was a nervous system that was not compatible with the new technology. Millions of terra-bytes were able to be downloaded into the human brain but sorting it out and making sense of it was another matter entirely. As soon as the information was assimilated the first subjects literally short circuited. There was no harmony between the information and the biological system within.

The scientists came up with a solution. The natural nervous system had to be shut down and rewired for the chip to work. Trials continued. Many test subjects lost their lives but they where the lucky ones. Some of the unfortunate ones suffered an agonizing electrical shock which left them with the same motor abilities as a lump of dough.

At some point the scientists achieved their goal. A chip was safely introduced into the brain, along with receptive eye lenses as well as augmented taste and smell senses. The skin was the fastest of our organs to respond. Therefore with our newly implanted chips we were able to see code and manipulate our surroundings as well as have our sense respond to any input from digital information.

I was one of the lucky ones. I think my acceptance to where the human race was headed allowed my biological self to accept the implants and ‘upgrades’ faster without too many side-effects.

The GB (Governing Body) does not farm anymore. Most humans have not eaten animals for over 5 years. Food is delivered in boxes, jars, bottles and cans. The contents of these items are made from synthetic materials, full of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in healthy percentages. Before a citizen begins to consume the edible material, a program must be initiated into the brain through the chip. The flavor, texture and even the temperature are all determined by code received in the brain. Programs do not come for free. Either a citizen writes their own recipe code, if they know how, or they must purchase it using Cuisine Coin.

This is how I make my living. I am a chef and I write recipe programs. My digital restaurant is called “The Little Digital Gourmet”. Like everyone else, I run the restaurant from my apartment. No one leaves their home anymore. We are forbidden to roam freely outside unless we request special permission to visit GB institutions, at which point we are picked up by special busses from where we live. We are allowed travel permits but must pay for them using Travel Coin. With today’s service I should be able to transfer my earnings for some travel time to the beach which I have not seen in 6 years.

Nature has flourished since we stopped leaving our homes. What was once a busy, noisy and dirty street outside my apartment is now a peaceful little meadow with dear and rabbit. I have come to appreciate this side of the modern world. Although I get lots of sunlight into my apartment, citizens are not allowed to open the windows as not to contaminate the natural world. Temperature and ambience in our homes is all controlled through our brain implants. The ducts are only used to control oxygen intake.

The GB provide every citizen with a base apartment and base furnishings. Depending on one’s income then can decorate it as they please. It is all code. Anyone can download what ever they like, provided they can pay for it with the associated coin for that industry. All coins we make through our coding work can be exchanged through the standard Government Coin. Everyone is allowed to alter the code within the confides of their home as they please but at their own risk. If you mess with the code and break it then you are left with a bare base plastic apartment without any texture, color or ambience. So, unless someone has experience it adjusting their home, clothes, even entertainmen.

Guests do not show up to my apartment physically. It is my job to provide them with a holographic Boom Party Call from the comfort of their own homes. I provide them with access to connect to my restaurant mainframe whereby they begin to receive the experience I have programmed. For tonight’s service I have chosen to write code for steak tenderloins with crunchy roasted rosemary garlic potatoes. I spent weeks developing the script for the perfect texture to the potatoes which I guarantee they will love.
For now I have a few hours to get the lighting and ambience ready for my guests. I have downloaded a beautiful new Persian rug by the talented Jaudi. It cost me a whopping 5 Luxury Tokens. However I feel it was a successful purchase and I am sure to receive compliments on it.


Image created by myself from my apartment.

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Greetings my friend @alaeddin

Interesting story where mankind is experiencing a new way of life, controlled by micro brain chips from where all kind of information is transmitted.


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