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Hello my friends hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. Now the coronavirus is spreading like a fire in my country lot of people are dying due to this virus. Hope this virus will end soon. Due to coronavirus lot of trvel loving persons didn't able to travel and they stay home. I am also i travel loving person i mostly love to travel with my friends but due to coronavirus i am not able to travel in these three month long time. If you are thinking about the traveling in my homeland i will tell which places are best for a beautiful visit. This post is my entry for the tourist guide for a day which is given by steemitblog. I am thankful to @steemitblog for giving me and all members a chance of writing in this community. I was giving also a Diary post every day but before three days our internet was blocked by government authorities so i was not able to give day hope from tomorrow i will start it again.

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I think you people know that i am living in jammu and Kashmir which is in india. Kashmir is vary famious all over the world due to its natural beauty. On the basis of this Kashmir is known as paradise on earth. In Kashmir here are lot of tourists places to go. Here are beautiful flowers,trees ,gardens and lot of more things which brings a beauty to my Kashmir. Every year lot of tourists from all the places of the world come here to see the beauty of Kashmir. Some times i suggest or guide some tourists . I love to guide the tourists. Why i love to guide the tourists because they come from a far place and spend a lot of money to see the beautiful places so their guide should be one who will bring them to a most beautiful places so that they realise we have seen something. If i am guide and tourists tell me which places would be better to see following are the best and famous places in my homeland which i have seen personally and i have enjoyed these places a lot:

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The most beautiful and attractive place in my home is Gulmarg where lot of people are coming to see the beauty of this place. In gulmarg there a big beautiful mountains covered with a snow all over . These snow coverd mountains beings a lot of beauty to this place . The temperature at gulmarg remains vary low throughout the year that is why the snow remains present throughout the year. There are long big trees having a green big leaves on the montains. In winters tourists come here to enjoy the winter games like sikking . In gulmarg some more thing is vary famious which is Gondola. In Gondola people are travelling to reach the high place also in Gondola they see the beauty of gulmarg because this Gondola travels at some height from the ground. If you are traveling to Kashmir do not miss this place. I have visited this place before two years i remember all the beauty of this place.

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One more place Tulip garden this place is in the srinagar the summer capital of india. Tulip garden in Kashmir is largest tulip garden in asia. In tulip garden there more more than one million plants to see. In tulip garden there are lot of varieties of flowers which attracts the tourists. But this garden is opend for only two months because after that the glowers start falling down. This garden is spread in thirst hectares. In the side of this beautiful garden there a one famous lake situated which is Dal lake which also brings a beauty to this garden. Dal lake is also a longest lake in the Kashmir. I dal lake people love to travel in boats. Also there are house boats where tourists can stay. There boats are made from the wood with beautiful designs. If you visit this place don't forget to stay in these houses.

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One more place which is famious in my home land is pehalgam. Like the other places in pehalgam there is a green beauty everyone. The green grass green trees. Apart from this this place is a religious place of Hindus. There is a amarnath cave. Every year more than one lakh people frok the hindu religion come here to see this cave. The cave is at a large height from the ground people travel for many days to reach they cave. At the top mosy place the whole area can been seen .

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One more place Pir ki gali which is very close to my home. Pir ki gali is situated at a high altitude from the ground. At pir gi gali there is either not any park and nor any beautiful flower but there is natural beauty all over. At pir ki gali there is a silince and you can feel the sounds of water falling from a high hills . These sounds brings peace to our heart. This road is connected the Kashmir to the jammu . This road is called the mughal road because mughal come to Kashmir through this road. At some place there are big buildings which are made from stones by mughals.

I think no one can be able to see these all places in a single day. My suggestion for you is that if you are thinking for visiting to my Kashmir you have to spend lot of days here to see the all places.

Thanks for reading

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