100 days of steem:Day 76 -Why now is the best ever to join steem

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak . Coronavirus in my country india is spreading at a vary high rate every day huge number of people are dying due to this virus. I was busy from last few days due to semester examination that is why i was not able 6o to give any post on steemit ,also i miss some challenges given by steemitblog especially i miss my diary game a lot . Now i complete my examination from tomorrow i will once again start giving my Diary game posts. This post is my entry for the challenge of giving information why this time is best for joining steemit community. Lot of changes makes the steemit better than the past. From my side there are few reasons why this time is best for joining the steemit community:

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1: 100 days of steem: 100 days of steem helps everyone in getting good rewards for every challenge. I also got lot of rewards from this 100 days of steem challenges. If you are new in this platform you can learn who to give post from 100 days because for every challenge they give all the information how to give post. One more thing and important thing is that if you are new in steemit you have to think about the topics but 100 days of steem gives you lot of simple topics for writing. Also 100 days of steem is giving good rewards and upvoted that can boost you reputation vary fast comparing to the past.

2: contests on steemit and lot of communities :
Before few months there was not any contests running by any person but now lot of contests on the daily bases and weekly bases are running in many communities. By taking participation in these contests yoh can earn lot of rewards. For new members contests are one of the best way in earning rewards and making their reputations high. If a new member joins in these days he can enjoy a lot of contests that helps them and also contests brings the attention of peoples towards this community.

Now on steemit lot of communities have been made like world of xpilar , ocd ,gems and many more. Before this if you are giving the post on your blog only few people of the community reads your post but if you give the post of communities in these days lot of people are giving their focus on your posts that also can give you more and more rewards. Also before making communications a new person didn't know where to post a specific post on specific topic but now communities have been made for different topics like photography etc that helps you lot .

Now New Curators on steemit have introduced in the steemit community they are giving their upvotes to the good posts with higher value before this i see people are giving upvotes on posts only which was created by people with a high reputation of their post was too much small but now lot of curators are focusing on only good posts with out seeing the reputation. If now a new commer makes a good post he is get a nice upvotes for members of steemit.

Thanks for reading

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