100 days of steem : The diary game day 16 9/07/2020

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Hello everyone once again i hipe you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. This post is my entry for the diary game . Before this post i have given fifteen posts on the diary game challenge now this is my sixteenth posts. I am giving posts on diary game after few days and missed some posts because my cousin's sister's message will be held after two days so we have a lot of work today which i tell you already. Today i was also a vary busy day for me but this time i got some time so that i can write my dairy post. Also the increasing number of cases of the deadly disease coronavirus have make our lives difficult we are not able to go to markets properly because we gets afraid about the spread of coronavirus there. Every day lot of peoples are dying due to this disease i am just waiting for the vaccine which can kill this virus completely. As i tell you that this is entry for the diary game, if you have no information about the diary game read the below post carefully and come and join this beautiful challenge. It has only two days left for the first season but the second season is will be vary fantastic which will be stated from ist August.

Captured by @alexcarlos

Today i wake up early in the morning according to my routine at 4 am . I went to my bathroom where i wash my hands and face and went to the mosque for the prayer. I spend some time and went back to my house . Then i open my new semester books which i bring few days ago. I have recently complete my examination for the third semester from today our classes for the fourth semester have been started, i open the books for some time so that i can get the idea what we have to read in this semester. We have five books in this semester only one books is aomewhat boring because this book belongs to the other department which is electrical. I read the books till my tea time at 9 am. I went to my kitchen where my mom have prepared sugar tea for me. I bring the tea into my room and drink it with biscuits.

Captured by @alexcarlos picture of new bat which i buy today for my younger brother

After drinking the tea i went back to my cousin's house where we start working. Today we have to make a foundation for making the dishes on it. In Kashmiri language This type of foundation is called wari. This is made of soil bricks on which utensils are put and the fire is set inside it. This causes the preparation of dishes. We firstly bring the bricks for the new house on one wheeler , also we prepare mud so that we can pix the bricks. After few hours we complete this work.
AFTER completing this work we were called by my cousin, he tell that you people have to visit the Anantnag which is 50 kilometers far from our village on car. I came to my house and wear new clothes and went to the Anantnag . We reach there after few hours of driving. We firstly went to the shop where we buy a new bat for cricket. After that we also buy some abject for the marriage. We spent a lot of time there and reaches our home at 10 pm . After that i take lunch with the meat and went to my room were i start playing with my phone. Now i am writing tge post on diary game and the time is 11:50 pm. I am going to sleep now .
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Hi friend,
I hope this plague is fleeting. Covid19 is very troubling, casualties everywhere, even paralyzing all fields, both from the economic sector and the education sector. at my place all methods have been done by the Regional Government to strive for the community to avoid crowds, even the central government gives monthly money of Rp. 600 rupiahs to the community during this pandemic. With this money the people support their lives during this pandemic, (is there any help from the government in your area?)

However, very few people obey this government regulation, everywhere there is a lot of crowds, stalls are always full, fish markets are crammed and many other crowds.
I hope this pandemic will pass quickly.


Yes brother government have given some financial help to the poor people
Here also some people didn't obey the government rules

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