100 days of steem:The Diary game day 9 date 13/06/2020

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. In india coronavirus is spreading at a high rate and lot of people are getting infected to this virus. India is now on the forth spot in coronavirus cases. Every day lot of people gets infected to this virus. But today government in jammu and Kashmir decided to open the markets in main city Srinagar. Lot of shops were seen open. But a people are thinking is this a good decision because in this time when cases are rising how we can come out of our homes. Hope movement will be think about this and will take a good decision. This post is my entry for the dairy game which is organized by steemitblog . This post is my ninth entry for this game. Before few days i was giving one post daily on this game but from few days i am vary busy in study, as i tell be before that my examination will be start from 14 june. Tomorrow is my first paper of fluid mechanics. Now i complete my study and i got some free time and i decided to write a post on Diary game. If you are new and didn't know about the dairy game see the below post carefully and join this game.

Captured by @alexcarlos

Today i wake up at 10 pm because yesterday i was reading till the 4 am and after the prayer i went to sleep. When i wake up i went to bathroom , i take bath because i want to refresh myself because i have to read a lot. After that i went to the kitchen where i prepare my tea. For making tea i firstly boil water and when the water boils beyond the hundred degree Celsius i add leaves of tea . Some time later i add milk and salt to this ,with in few minutes my tea was ready . I take tea to my study room and went for a study. I read till the lunch time. Tomorrow is my first paper of fluid mechanics. I read two main characters today that is boundary layer theory and flow through pipes. I will vary boring, but vary important so i read that. I saw some videos on YouTube for understanding the concepts regarding these two chapters also. The videos lectures was given by gate academy i am thankful to them for helping me in studing.

Captured by @alexcarlos
Captured by @alexcarlos
After completing my study i went for a lunch into my kitchen. Where i eat rice. After that my sister calls me and tell me that can you make some stand of wood . I tell her for which purpose she replied that i want to put a machine for making clothes on that i work on it. I tell her don't worry i will made it. I search all the necessary things from my house and went outside for making this. I make it with in two hours and gives it to my sister.

Then again i went to my study room and start reading once again. I read till the evening . At the evening i complete my study. Then i open steemit after few days and i think i will give Diary game post today. Also i read some beautiful posts on steemit. At the evening i also write on assignment which was given by the strength of material teacher. I wrote almost thirty pages with in three hours. Then i once again went to my kitchen for eating rice. I think you know that in my hometown we take lunch two times in a day one at the mid day and one at the evening. After that i start writing this post and the time is almost 12 . Now i am going to sleep. Take care.

Thanks for reading

I also invite @sammaz @syedubair for this dairy game challenge.

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