The diary game season 2-01/08/2020 Day 1

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. As you all know coronavirus is making lot of problems for us we still can can't able to go outside freely. We have lot a lot of time as well as lot of lives due to this deadly virus. Hope this will end soon and we will start our normal life our again.

This post is my first entry for the diary game season two. Before this season i have written lot of posts on diary game in season first and i was among the top fifty diary game makers . I am thankful to the steemitblog blog for such a hard work and support to the steemit members. Today is the first day of diary game and i didn't want to miss the first post. In last season i miss lot of posts due to some reasons hope in this season i will give all the posts. I are have no information about the diary game read the below post carefully and come and join as soon as possible

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Picture of eid which is the festival of muslims

Today in india it was a beautiful day for us and for all the muslims across the world because today we celebrate EID UL ADHA . Muslims have two big festivals one we celebrate after the Ramadan and another we celebrate today. On this day we are sacrificing the animals in the path of our God and then we distribute the meat among all the people. On this day we have to work a lot, so today i did a lot of things.

Today i set alarm at 4:00 am but due to deep sleep i can't wake up at the exact time after few minutes my dad knock my door loudly and call me for the fagir prayer. I quickly went to the bathroom and wash my face according to my religion and went to the mosque for the fajir prayer. Today i pray to my God for the peace in the world as we are seeing in the world lot of countries are fighting with each other and that causes a lot of loss in the businesses as well as we loss lot of lives just like in my Kashmir we are loosing lot of lives in past few years. After completing prayer we together went to the graveyard for making dua for our my grandfather who died few years ago. These all functions take 1 and half hour.

Captured by @alexcarlos thia is the picture of sugar tea and biscuits which i eat early in the morning
After completing my prayer i went back to my house where firstly i wish my family members one by one . Then i went to my kitchen where my mom prepared the sugar tea and i drink sugar tea with many types of biscuits. Today in the sugar tea i eat cake filled with dry fruits, roti and many more things. After that we according to our religion on this day we have to go to our neighbors for wishing them so we have almost 5-6 neighbors so i went there one by one and wish them a happy EID.

Then at 7 am i went to the bathroom for the bath , i take the bath with in few minutes and wash my face for the eid nimaz. After that i start travelling towards the mosque for Eid prayer. On my way i met with a lot of people and greet them with a happy eid. We start eid nimaz at 8 am and complete it with in few minutes and went back to our houses.

After that all the peoples start sacrificing the animals in the path of god . I first help to my neighbor for sacrificing the animals and then my dad call me and i tell him what dad? He replied should we start sacrificing the animal ,i replied yes dad. So we start a big work and we sacrifice the animal in the path of God . We bug this animal for 350 dollars. We firstly cut the head of the animal according to our religion and then we remove the intenstines and other unwanted material for the animal and clean it. After that we firstly cut the animal in the big pieces. Then we cut it into a small pieces for distributing among all the neighbors and relatives as well as among the poor peoples . We did this much of work till the lunch time . At 1 pm we start eating the lunch, today in lunch we eat chicken and meat with the rice that was vary vary tasty.

Captured by @alexcarlos picture of meat which we distribute.

After taking the lunch we start distributing the meat among the two villages having almost two hundred homes that was vary big task so we distribute the meat among the three cousins and start the work. This work gets completed till the 5 pm. Then i take rest for one and half hour. My cousin calls me and tells me we have to go for a walk to the imamsahib which is few kilometers from my house so went went there on two bikes . At imamsahib we ate eggs and drink some cold drink and went back to our houses.

In the evening we once again take the lunch with the meat and went to my bed where i open the steemit after a long period of time and i read some beautiful posts . Then i start writing my dairy post . After this i have to play few pubg games for the entertainment.

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