Distance Learning Started

3개월 전

Classes had started here and my daughter has been in front of her laptop for hours now. Me, thinking oh boy looks like I will be losing one arm because my daughter will not be there to help me in our small shop. She is in charge of photocopying requests and print jobs too. We had been running this shop just in front of the apartment that we are renting. This helps augment our income a nice sideline.

Did you notice some Christmas decorations already? I am a little too advance because here in the Philippines we do the decorations beginning September or what we prefer call the "ber" months you know what I mean? Anyway I intentionally put the decorations early so I get reminded of the joyous season of all for me. You see I'm still grieving the loss of my mom which was in March this year. Up until now I am having those sad thoughts. I'm sleepy now got to go my friends until next time


Much love,


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