Draw A Day Challenge September 24 : Cornelius The Cardinal

2개월 전


It is now the third day for this list of prompts for Draw A Day Challenge . This week we pay tribute to the characters of the longest running comics making contest here on Hive which is Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest.

I don't usually include Cornelius on my comics so I don't have an established look for him yet. That's one of the reasons why I thought of this drawing challenge. I want Cornelius to be the young gentleman that he ought to become. He is old enough now to be mature in outlook and must avoid fighting with Dietrich. After all Cornelius already had a girlfriend named Zituke (I wish people don't forget about her) It is time for Cornelius to wear a tuxedo and outgrow that red jersey that I used to make him wear. I decided to add more colors to him because he used to be all purple which is kind of sad for a bird in my opinion. This is the new Cornelius and I love the way he looks. Who knows I might edit his look again soon but for the better.

If you have questions let me know on the comments. Hope you join and subscribe to the Draw A Day Challenge Community

Much love


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