Red Box Launches Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams Solution

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Red Box Launches Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams Solution

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Red Box a leading void platform announce the general ability of it's compliance recording for Microsoft teams solutions. This solution which is currently under certification under Microsoft new independent software Vendors (IVS).

Certification program will supports organization by providing capture, archiving and retention. Secure resilient and salable Microsoft teams Communications within the highly regulatory global environment.

Marketing Technology News:
Mirakl Named a sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle for digital commerce. 2020 red box will offer flexible deployment options both in the clouds and on-premise online depending upon customer preference.

This is more important than ever as regulated industries such as financial services and contact centers re-think localization strategies and increasingly seek to capitalize on the benefits of collaboration tools.

to ensure flexibility and support teleworking while maintaining compliance. The red box platform also provide application programming Interface (API's), designed according to the principles of open free to user standards, that provide organizations with control over and access to captured Microsoft Team Communication.

Securely, using the tools and applications of their choice whether they are customers experience platform archiving solutions that facilitate compliance or fraud detection or monitoring.

Red box is a preferred partner in technology in term of conversational intelligence.

Integrated with dynamic 365 customer service insights and sale insights solutions, which enable the full potential of the sets of Valuable data captured by red box to exploited and analyze organization-wide calls to improve sales performance and customer experience.

Marketing Technology News:

AerialSphere Launches XP360 Platform to change how consumer experience Maps with thousands of the customers operating in the regulated industries.

The compliance recording for Microsoft Team Solution is a key integration on our connectivity road map.

The resilient and secure capture of high quality voice communication and meta data along with the breath of our connectivity is also critical to our integration with dynamics 365 customers service insights and sales insights as well as other

intelligence partner artificial and analytical that give client access to a wealth of valuable data that can be turned in to actionable intelligence.

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