Les indésirables / Unwanted

2개월 전

Les indésirables affichent leur élégance.
Au plus profond des bois, ils règnent sans fracas ni bruit.
Ils possèdent l'assurance de ceux qui se savent nécessaires et utiles à la vie, même lorsqu'ils côtoient la mort.

Unwanted show their elegance.
Deep in the woods, they reign without a fuss or noise.
They have the assurance of those who know they are necessary and useful for life, even when they are close to death.






Photos Ancolie / Québec (CANADA)

Tourlou !

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Beautiful mushroom photos! They are amazing living creatures. Nice post, @ancolie.


Thank you @zorank :)
Have a good day !

Mushrooms are very interesting species. There are such variety and they could be so different. You have captured such interesting shapes on tree trunks. My son did not want to touch them when he was little :)

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thank you it's very appreciated :)