ARE YOU A GRENADE ?: Or do you live with a grenade?

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Some people are like shrapnel, or rather like a hand grenade. You know why?
And they end up doing a lot of damage to everyone around them. The shrapnel shoots out and penetrates the flesh and heart causing deep, bleeding and fatal wounds for healthy relationships.
Other people, on the other hand, are grenades but with tear gas. Although they cause minimal damage, they cause tears.
There are those who do it unconsciously but other people dedicate their lives to causing damage and are a grenade exploding constantly.
Everyone is afraid of a grenade, they move away at a safe distance and avoid taking damage at all costs.
Do you live with a grenade?
Are you a grenade?

A proverb says:
"The wise man sees evil and turns away"

Another part of the proverb says:
"The fool goes on and receives the damage"

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Hello @andreasalas

I had time without reading you friend, good that you are here again, excellent comparison, I agree with you, many times we do not measure the consequences of our actions and our words, sometimes what we say can hurt much more than a blow. That's why it's better to think with a cool head, so we avoid hurting those around us!

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