I HEAR YOU. DO YOU LISTEN TO ME?: Reflection in colored pencils.

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I remember those days when I used to turn a deaf ear to the good advice my grandparents and parents gave me, I certainly had a lot of stumbling blocks compared to what I have now.
I think you can remember the last time an older person tried to give you advice and for not listening ... well ... things didn't go so well.
It is very necessary to understand that we must learn to listen and when I say "Listen" it is: pay attention, analyze, internalize and put into action the recommendation.
I think, if I am not mistaken, that June 15 is World Awareness Day of Abuse and Abuse of Old Age.
I do not think you are abusing any older person, what I mean is that we should listen a little more. Is ignoring someone a type of abuse?
I don't know, but it seems to me.
Listen a little more to your elders. It doesn't cost you more than a little time.
Remember that if they want good for you it should not be a hassle.
Let us not be forgetful listeners.
One day we will be older and we would not like to be ignored.
They will listen to you. Do you hear them?
Teach the little ones to listen willingly to the wisdom of the older ones.

Take a look at the creative process in this colored pencil illustration.








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Hello @andreasalas

As always your beautiful drawings, you have a great talent. I love your reflection, it is true that many times we do not take into account a good advice, our grandparents are full of experience and listening to them will not take anything away from us, on the contrary we could win a lot!

I invite you to participate in my contest today, I would love to see you there!


This is a very cool colored pencil work. I love it👍😆

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