THE RAT AND OLD MR. CARL: Based on Real Life

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There is an unparalleled story, based on real life, it was of a rat and a shrewd man.
Frankly I do not know where to approach the story but I think I will start with the thief rat.
A rat went into Mr. Carl's kitchen every day, she plundered and gnawed, ate and destroyed without seeing any consequences for his clever. The other rats and mice saw her and also laughed at Mr. Carl's face as they attempted the great rat's maneuvers.
When the old gray-haired Carl entered the kitchen and turned on the light, the rats fled, but that giant rat that looked like an opossum stayed a few seconds more, only to see Mr. Carl with his black eyes and give a shriek that it always resembled a mocking giggle.
Not knowing what to do, one day when she saw her adversary, already tired, Mr. Carl ran after her.
The rat, unprepared and surprised by the reaction of the furious old man, ran to the patio flooded by the rain and hid in a piece of flooded pipe.
Old Mr. Carl saw an opportunity like no other. Who was that gray-haired man? An ex-military man, a terrorist, a hitman? I do not know.
The man hastily plugged the two inlets of the pipe before the big rat escaped.

He looked for an extension, on one side he stripped the wire and on the other he plugged it in.
One cable dipped him into the water and with the other he gave the trapped rat electric shocks.
One touch, the rat screeched YYYYYHHHH!
He let her rest.
Another touch and the rat screeched YYYYYHHHH!
But this is not a death story.
After a few more taps the old Mr. Carl let the gigantic rat out and as it fled amidst spasms he said:
Go ahead and tell all your friends.
The rat told it ... He must have done it because for a year no other vermin entered not only the kitchen but Mr. Carl's house, which nobody knows if he was an animal psychologist or was a rat charmer.

Take a look at the creative process in this colored pencil illustration.








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