WHAT AGE REPRESENTS: A society where old women rule - Watercolor project.

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Elephants have a matriarchal society by which they are governed. Their diet, the orientation in which they travel, who separates or not from the group. It is a way of living that is a little strict but correct in many ways, a society in which everyone pays respect to their elders and especially to the elderly.

This keeps them safe, healthy, well-fed and very united in a kind of brotherly love that is truly beautiful and that we can observe when one of its members dies. They fire him and wait a long time, saying goodbye to his deceased members.

Today, society is leaving aside everything that old age represents: wisdom, patience, prudence, among many other qualities that are cultivated with age.

Don't you think that they are very desirable customs and qualities in our day to day?

I do not mean by this that we must fully submit to the rules and mandates of a matriarch or a patriarch. What I mean is that order and respect for the elderly are necessary is a society in which having an advanced age has become anathema.

Nobody wants to be old, many young people do not want to be seen with their grandparents and society is deteriorating more and more with this kind of social exclusion so harmful.
Youth hates old age, but youth does not remember that it is gradually aging. Youth becomes what he despises.


See a little of the process of this illustration done in watercolors.







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Hola @andreasalas, que hermosa reflexión dejaste en tu publicaicón sobre los valores que se aprenden con la edad.
Tus ilustraciones son perfectas y hermosas, gran trabajo..!


Son cosas que lamentablemente estamos viviendo. Pero hay solución.


Hello @andreasalas

What a beautiful drawing, what a beautiful painting, besides the message is very accurate for what is our society today, it is true that many young people overestimate the elderly, they believe they no longer have anything to offer, and they are wrong, we can learn many things from them, talking to a senior can be the best conversation you've had in your young life. They are experienced people who can certainly guide us in any aspect of our lives. I enjoyed reading to you, greetings!


There is a whole world in those gray hairs;)

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