Incredible Jumping Insects. capable of producing sound with its legs and wings

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Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects from Cori. These insects have antennae that are almost always shorter than their bodies and also have short forelegs. These animals have various types of essential nutrients for humans when consumed, such as protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.


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Grasshoppers can sometimes become pests that can damage plantations or rice fields. Cases of grasshoppers becoming pests have existed since ancient times in many stories.

Grasshoppers generally have wings, although their wings are sometimes unable to fly. Female grasshoppers are generally larger in body size than male grasshoppers.

Many people don't know, the grasshoppers keep extraordinary facts, which in fact grasshoppers have extraordinary functions in the universe, both in a negative and positive sphere.


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The grasshopper's antennae contain sensory structures that respond to touch and smell.


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Beautiful eyes function to feel the intensity of light, large grasshopper eyes function to cover a wide range of vision


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