Despite being new to Steemit, I feel like I can be myself here, writing what I really want to write.


The unbearable feeling of living with anxiety

I needed an "escape" plan whether it was going to the bakery for bread, or to buy something that was missing in my kitchen.

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. The rational part of my brain knew it, but at the critical point of this new terror, I was not able to assimilate it. I couldn't accept that my brain had gotten tired of fearing itself, that depression had become a symptom of my overload anxiety. That, for me, was a failure.

All my life I have been afraid to go out, and even if I am accompanied, I can feel how fear consumes even the deepest part of my being. Before this quarantine, before being a mother, I could spend weeks even months, locked in my house. Before discovering what was happening with me, before discovering what was happening in my mind, in my head, and knowing that I have a lifelong illness, I never liked going out, not even getting so close to people.

I felt, for the first time in my life, rationally suicidal or, more accurately, desperate to find a tangible end to this hell. Not that he wanted to die, but he didn't want to live in fear of the next minute.

Currently it is extremely difficult to deal with anxiety, constant tachycardia, not being able to organize myself correctly and do things calmly, because I feel that if I do not do everything in a hurry, I feel that something is going to happen, for 2 years the anxiety has worsened. Although I am taking a medication that is for life, due to a neourological problem, and I am aware that my brain does not work well

That feeling of discomfort that settles in the pit of the stomach, that invades our mind when we finally try to fall asleep, that feeling of being afraid of doing things as trivial as going outside, or going to work. Living with anxiety can be hell and people who suffer from it know it. Anxiety is the combination of thoughts and own physiological reactions, related to the fear of something bad happening that is beyond our control.

The mixture of fear and anxiety is getting stronger and stronger, and with this quarantine it has gotten worse. Accept that there are things that are out of my control, and the struggle that this requires every day is very exhausting. There are days that I don't want to get out of bed, there are days that I just want to be alone with my thoughts. I can't talk about this with anyone, and I must always hide all of this from everyone so as not to be singled out or judged.



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Hi friend, I'm sorry for everything you're going through, I know perfectly well that living with anxiety is not easy, being an anxious person is not easy. But we can manage, be it with medication and of course with therapies, I believe in them a lot and I know that they are effective, of course as long as one collaborates with the treatment.

Many people do not understand this disease and see it as something insignificant but it is not like that, anxiety and depression are diseases as important as any other, and also they are treatable, so the best thing you can do is to seek professional help and want to get ahead. The pandemic has intensified many things, but we must not let that affect us, we must learn to live with it and get ahead!

Greetings and I hope you get better!


Hola Muchísimas gracias si de hecho, tomo medicación para mi enfermedad neurológica. Soy muy ansiosa y la verdad vivir así es sumamente terrible y agotador, Muchas gracias por tus consejos, Dios te bendiga y gracias por leerme.