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I always wondered a question "What do intelligent beings from other planets look like, do we have anything in common with them? How long is their life? And can a person be born on another planet after physical death"?

Therefore, we people are not only not alone in space or in the universe, and even not alone in our Milky Way galaxy, but we are also direct relatives of the inhabitants of more than 20 living and intelligent planets in the universe.

I have always been interested in this topic: are there other living and intelligent planets besides the Earth, what are they, what are their inhabitants, are there aliens and what they look like, who is a person, and what is outside the universe.



On these questions, 30 years ago there were visions, and after that I dreamed some dreams in which I saw planets and a planet larger than the sun. Now it is a very long time and a lot to write a detailed description of what I saw, but I tried to present it briefly.

I will add only one more thing, that when I saw the planet larger than the sun, the view was from space, when the approach took place, this planet looked like a huge light blue ball without spots, and when it plunged onto the surface itself, it turned out to be completely out of water. Perhaps there were shores, islands or mountains, land, but I did not see (or did not have time to see).

The impression is that the surface is completely water. But there was confidence that the life and inhabitants of the planet were under water.

I heard some communication of intelligent beings, but did not see anyone, and only after I had already woken up, remembering this dream clearly, I began to guess that everything I heard was sounds, communication, movement of the underwater world.

Thanks for being here!


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Thank you for a great story from your dream.
I myself have no doubt that there is intelligent life in space

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