I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

5개월 전


Queridos steemians: ¡Espero que paséis todos unas felices fiestas, y os deseo un próspero año nuevo!

Juan Gallego (@arcoiris)

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Wow, that is wonderful painting I really love it Juan.

We wishing you too Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear @steemcurator01, would you please review this post and this wonderful painting of Juan, who is the professional Artist from Spain. The work has such Steemy feature and dedicated to Christmas. Thank you in advance for support!


I am very glad that you are liking the image. I wanted to congratulate especially for this commendable work done in the artistic part of WOX and the support given to so many talented creators.

Feliz navidad espero la pases muy bien excelente trabajo 😊


Muchísimas gracias. Igualmente.

Wow, it is a so nice illustration ! Thanks for it, and merry christmas & happy new year to you, @arcoiris! 😄


Thank you very much! I know it's not a very conventional Christmas image, but I always like to let my imagination run wild.


And it looks very good, so continue to let your imagination free! 😄

When we say New Year, one of the first things that come to mind is snow. So it's nice to see snow in your painting. The idea of integrating the tree with the steem logo also seems successful. Merry Christmas :)

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