Rural Karate Katas. My first speed drawing, exclusively for Steemit

6개월 전

The angle, the lighting..., the whole recording, in general, is poorly done, but it's my first attempt at speed drawing, and I know that the following ones will come out better. I hope you like it.

El ángulo, la iluminación..., toda la grabación, en general está mal hecha, pero es mi primer intento de speed drawing, y sé que los siguientes saldrán mejor. Espero que os guste.

Song: "Our time". Music from
Video edition: @iaberius

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The first attempt is always experimental I really love it, I was wondering maybe to do watercolor would be another stage?


Yes, it is in my plans, although it will require more preparation as it takes much more time (this drawing took me only 12 minutes to do), and I have to do it in my studio. In the meantime, I'll keep testing, and I'll probably do some kind of simple watercolor tutorial, which will also serve as experience to see the best way to record in my painting studio, before I get down to multi-hour projects.

Un galleguito, oye Pepe... saludo.

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