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Cape Town at Sunrise by @sharker




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Once again we wanted to present you a new issue of our Showcase, we try to alternate Artists and Photographer sometimes it is so difficult to make decision who we should take as there are so many of you and we love all the works you do.

In our opinion anyone who loves what he does deserves our attention. @art-venture is the project that support Creativity, Art, Photography, Travel and maybe one day you will see us in your blog too.


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Photographer @sharker


Today we wanted to spotlight this wonderful Photographer @sharker, the person behind is Denis Ulyankin from Moscow. He has wonderful website that you all can view and find that he actually was already in most parts of the world:




What we noticed that he loves nature, no matter where he is he captures the beauty of nature, animals and I believe he probably wants to share with us that we need to be careful with this treasure, that it could be easily destroyed if we do not care about it.

I was positively surprised seeing his page in National Geography Russia page and also see that he is active in updating those important websites.




As to Steemit, he joined in 2016, so he was at very beginning, I am glad that he persistently keeping cheering us up with his blog.



Hi, Steemit! by @sharker



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Here we would like to share some amazing photogrpahy that made us sun:



Motlava river in Gdansk city by @sharker

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Dragon Eggs by @sharker

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Reindeer of Lofoten by @sharker

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Lake Tekapo by @sharker

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As always all Steem payout from this post will go to @sharker

@stef1 and @myskye




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Hi @art-venture, a modest tip of appreciation:
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Thank you @rycarde, it is nice to see you are still supporting such projects :)

That is really, really amazing photography by @sharker. Thanks very much @art-venture for spoting him and showing some love for him.


Nice that you stopped for viewing and for nice words :)

They are amazing pictures!!
You are very talented friend @sharker!
Thanks for introducing us to this great photographer!

Incredible shots!!!

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