Inter-Community Project- VOTING: Art Contest by @wherein and “world of xpilar”

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„WALL-E“ by @Stef1




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Today we would like to draw your attention to the VOTING ROUND of the Art Contest by @wherein that was proposed by @m18207319997 and has a main supporter @wherein they are both active Steemians and present Chinese community.


The Original post:


12 Arists are passed the qualifying:



Trenner groß.png


Voting Round for those who will enter the second round started on 09th of June 20




Deadline: 16th of June, 14:00 standard Beijing Time -that is 08:00 AM CET on 16th of June


Trenner groß.png


Anyone can give their Votes for the Artists who they like:


  1. Go to the post of @m18207319997:

  2. You will see the listed Artists with their works in “Comment” section

  3. Upvote the comment for the Artists whose work you like: depending on:

  • Number of Votes, and
  • The payout the final calculation will be made


The ranked high artists to enter the SECOND ROUND directly.



Which of the 12 painters entered the second stage of the contest is finally decided by five groups of investors:

  1. @wherein
  2. @xpilar, @stef1, @art-venture
  3. @honoru, @tiffany4ever
  4. @dailyke20
  5. @m18207319997




So do not lose your time go and vote for your favourite Artists who you want to enter the SECOND ROUND

@stef1 and @myskye




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Hi! I love this contest and super awesome @stef1 you show me around in the world of GREAT art! It really opens my eyes to a new form of pleasure which I wasn't able to appreciate before. BIG THANK YOU - You guys are an inspiration

Thank you for your support. We have updated our app. Feel free to provide us feedback.

WhereIn team


Thank you @wherein for letting us know we will let the community know. By the way, I remember you said that the Spanish version was incomplete, we have 2 Spanish speaking moderator in our team, just if you would like some help with translation :)


We will be looking into that later. Thanks for information, now we know where to look for when we're ready for the cross culture shift.

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Thank you @worldofxpilar glad to see you here :)

moderator @art-venture
please advise, whether those who qualify make new paintings and post back the latest work, or how ...?


Hi @muftii, first of all all the information will be posted by @m18207319997 he is the organizer for the contest. Secondly, you should wait till the end of Voting because as it is written in the post the voting will be finishing:

16th of June, 14:00 standard Beijing Time -that is 08:00 AM CET on 16th of June

After that it will the score of each Artist will be calculated and it will be decided who had be selected for the second round.

So keep an eye on @m18207319997 posts adn if you have any further questions just ask him.


oh like that huh,
thank you moderator.
I have seen, mine has no one commented / liked ...


Hi @muftii, now the jury or Steemians will review the works of 12 Artists and will give them likes/Upvotes. You are a participants and need just wait and see how people will Vote.

The results of the Voting round for the ARtists who will go to SECOND ROUND will be published on :
16th of June, 14:00 standard Beijing Time -that is 08:00 AM CET on 16th of June

At the moment all Artists will wait for that time

Hello @art-venture a user of the community participated in the contest but there are things that he does not fully understand and would like to be clarified. Thank you! The user is @mutfii This was the message.

Moderator, I want to ask.
Last week I entered a community painting contest and qualified.
The following link is the instruction for determining the second round.
but I don't understand, ask the moderator to read the following link and guide me, thank you


Hi @franyeligonzalez, that user just can not understand that he does not need to do anything because now jury who are Steemians have to decide who will enter the next round as a participant he has to wait for the decision that will be on:

Deadline: 16th of June, 14:00 standard Beijing Time -that is 08:00 AM CET on 16th of June

I have already explain it and also referred him to the Contest organizer page.
Thanks, @stef1


Ok ready, thanks for responding!!

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Thank you @steemcurator03 for support of contest!

Nice initiative ... I will definitely vote!


Thank you @sardrt for taking part in the voting :)

Hi @art-venture, a modest tip of appreciation:
Also, please check out my Nonsense Community.


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Apoyando al amigo @betzaelcorvo en su post

Обожаем мультфильм про WALL-E всей семьёй!!!!

Great project initiative by @art-venture and @stef1 and others team work for steemit art.

Good job bro

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