WINNERS of @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “My Sci-Fi”

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WINNERS of @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “My Sci-Fi”




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


The @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “My Sci-Fi” came successfully to the end on 19 July 2020, 12 PM Central European Time (CET)

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the contest and your fantasy, therefore we took time yesterday and looked through all the submissions and decided to bring up the result of the contest earlier.


Trenner groß.png






The Prizes:

  • The First prize 50 Steem

  • The Second prize 40 Steem

  • The Third prize 30 Steem

  • The Fourth prize 25 Steem

  • 3 x 10 Steem



Trenner groß.png


WINNERS of @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “My Sci-Fi”



First place goes to @roinujx: 50 Steem




@roinujx presented her version of creature, but what was impressive ist o see how she build up her drawing, initially there was a drawing of a female character then she made her to turn into the creature while building up the features of face, that everything was done with tiny cross hatching using pencils and pen. I can imagine that took a long time and that is why our respect for this work.


Trenner groß.png


Second place goes to @betzaelcorvo: 40 Steem




@betzaelcorvo presented his version of " Female Exterminator", she is beautiful and does not look so dangerous that is the main weapon of woman, love the details of face and always impressed by the precise work with pen.


Trenner groß.png


Third place goes to @llllyyyyllll : 30 Steem




@llllyyyyllll presented brilliant version of Venom, it was nice to learn that this idea came spontaneously after he watched the movie. Doing this character he had to work on two different characters a creature and a human both of them very well done with love to details


Trenner groß.png


Forth place goes to @shelouveloso: 25 Steem




Beautiful artwork that came from her thoughts and was inspired by the situation of humans on our planet, that is like a call to wake up and to think about climate. @shelouveloso created Titans in her story who are helping to sort out the disaster that human have done. Lovely story and drawing


Trenner groß.png


3x Honorable mentioning 10 Steem




@sweettais with drawing of a robot that is fascinated by little plant that he decided to take care of.






@tezzmax who decided to create a creature from his imagination and here is what he wrote:

  • “I named the character "Ski-Blades" which is to be pronounced "Sky-Blades". He's a heroic character whose strength lies in the blades he possesses in his both hands. He also has a tail which can also be used while fighting, and the X symbol on the knee caps and elbows figuratively depicts his weapon whish is "Blade".






@singa is just starting herself and trying to draw and paint, despite of that she decided to create this painting that we have chosen because there is also a story behind the galaxy that she dreamed about and now created this painting. Nice colorful galaxy




Thank you all very much for your participation and see you soon.


Trenner groß.png



CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar








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Если быть честным, мне понравились @shelouveloso и @singa Победители же, на мой взгляд! банально срисовали с фотографий. Чего либо нового и оригинального в отличии от @shelouveloso и @singa победители не предложили.

Повторюсь, это лишь моё мнение)))))


All the participants really did an amazing artwork and thank you for your opinion and for appreciating my artwork @mister-omortson :) .

Google Translate
Все участники действительно сделали потрясающую работу, и спасибо вам за ваше мнение и за то, что оценили мою работу @ mister-omortson :) .


Большое вам спасибо за ваше мнение, но я очень рада, что мою работу заметили и оценили. Я вообще космос рисую первый раз! Честно признаюсь мне и это было трудно нарисовать :-)


Это всегда тяжело быть в жюри, много факторов играют свою роль, несмотря не на что всегда приятно слышать разные мнения :)

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated in the competition. I love Sci-Fi and all the great drawings


I was very pleased to participate in such a wonderful competition.
Thank you all for your attention!


Thank you for your Support of the Contest and of course it is always nice to have you here on our winner announcement, I believe you never miss any in the past :)

Congratulations to all the winners, I will soon be on this selective list.

May the successes @art-venture continue


Thank you @adeljose, as always nice to see you and thank you for participation :)

Thank you all for your attention and appreciation of my picture! For me, it is very valuable and important. I drew space for the first time, since I started drawing only recently. I know that there are still many things I can't do, but I am sure that one day my drawings will be liked by most!

And now the main thing is practice! Practice and practice again. And my desire to create is even growing!



You are very welcome and it is nice to have you among the Artists. It is always important to take active part so that people see you and learn you only through that process you will show yourself and make new connection to others.

Оставайся такой же активной и положительной как ты сейчас :)

Congratulations to all winners, am glad many people showcase their talent and participate.


Thank you and I agree with such communication and collaboration people only will learn more about them and others :)

Excelente dibujos, felicitaciones a todos los ganadores


Thank you for your nice words and your active participation :)

Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! I am glad that I was able to joined in this wonderful contest. Thank you @art-venture . :)


Thank you @shelouveloso it was our pleasure to have you around and always glad to see your wonderful idea and so interesting posts :)

Excellent contest, congratulations to all the winners! You are all great artists.

un gran saludo a todos y es bueno ver que el trabajo con dedicacion ha dado sus frutos, es un honor estar aquí acompañándolos en este camio maravilloso que es el arte, un agradecimiento a @art-venture y #worldofpilar por motivarnos y apoyarnos a seguir trabajando por el bienestar de la comunidad saludos y éxitos


You are welcome @betzaelcorvo, you are such amazing Artist and active participant, it was our pleasure to have you here :)

Congratulation to all winner..

Thank you so much!


You are welcome :)

Wow.... I'm so happy I even got to be featured on the list... I'm so grateful... Big thanks to the organizers of this lovely and wonderful contest, I shall be stopping by to see more of it!.


Yes, you have created such interesting character, like your idea and really nice work :)

Congratulations to all the winners and others who participated with their amazing art works.

There are more and more art contests happening now to help artists showcase their works and @art-venture and Xpilar community are doing a great work in that regard.


Thank you @coolguy123, it was very nice to see your participation but you were too late, will be glad to see you again on our next contest :)


Yes team @art-venture, I will ensure I participate within given time :)

Good Day :)

Congratulations to the winners.

Gran concurso sin duda!! desde un principio se sintió ese ambiente de competencia que cada artista ama, cada quien presentando su mejor esfuerzo y dedicación... Fue realmente fantástico .

Felicitaciones a tod@s lo que hicieron esto posible de corazón. Estoy super happy gracias <3


Thank you for your work and participation, what I like most that in the post your showed the whole complexity of your work, how you build it up and it was easy to feel how much time it took for every single details. People who are not artists may not feel it that is why it is important to be able to reflect it.

Nice Artwork :)