Cup with author's drawing


Hi, my friends!

What a pity that there is no reason to meet more often. But I miss you

Probably every creative person dreams that the results of his work would be interesting and useful to other people. I'm dreaming about that. But I have no idea what benefit and who my Magpie can bring. For me, she is part of art therapy, my way of communicating with the world.


Recently I made up my mind and printed my watercolor drawing on a mug as a gift to my mom. At the same time, I got a new experience. Because it turned out that just taking a picture and printing it will not work! You need to remove the background, even if it's white. I didn't know about it. But I know now. :-))

The original drawing looked a little softer, more watercolor

Развётка 2.png

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Очень красивая чашечка получилась ))


Чирик! Спасибо!



Очень рада, что Сорока понравилась Стрекозке

Lovely present for your mother and such beautiful colours. Great idea and memory :)

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Thank you for attention!