Vintage Kiss| Pen Art based on a legendary photograph

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Hi everyone.
Once again I came with a sketch made using a pen.

This drawing is completely made out of a blue ball poin pen.

The only other tools I used here are a peaper and ofcourse time. The longer time I took helped me to complete this drawing.

Enjoy the view 😊

Untitled (3).png

Untitled (3).png

I got the reference I used to create this from the link Ref

Art making process

I completed the whole drawing in three steps as follows.
Firstly I started drawing the basic sketch with a little pressure on the pen so that the lines would be thin and soft.


Then I started colouring the background of the real scen in the reference photo with a medium contrast of the pen ink. I tried to keep up with parallel hatching for the shading.


Finally I came to shafe the characters, where I spent most of the time. This helped me to give good detailing on the characters.


Untitled (3).png


Untitled (3).png

I hope that was enjoyable

Stay tuned for more contents like this. This your is friend @artographer, I will be seeing you soon. GODSPEED

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Thank you so much

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the support

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Thank you very much

Such beautiful drawing, like GIF version :)

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