the way a cat holds her child

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Hello community friend, today I saw a cat holding a child, at first I thought this cat wanted to eat his child, it turns out it's the way a cat, different from other animals the cat holding a child by biting the neck and then carrying it @aryanggi

All animals do have their own way of caring for and protecting their children, as well as a cat, maybe that's the best way that cats have in holding a child.

There are some things that not many people know about cats, one of which is about the fear of adult male cats with newborn male kittens, if a new cat is born and if the male cat is born then the mother cat will take care of her child with extra care, because if you let your, guard down a little then the kitten will be stolen by an adult male cat to be killed even they will eat it, the male cat feels as if someday if the kitten is big and mature then the cat will fight and replace the throne so killed and even eaten live alive, different from female cats born they will be the same as caring for the kitten and the following video of the cat while holding the child happy watching

And that's the video that I can give this time, thank you for stopping by my blog until I see you in another discussion, greetings to members of the world of xpilar community

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Hai @aryanggi

Thank you for participating in the video competition
"The World of Animals 2"

Regards @sultan-aceh @art-venture and @xpilar



You're welcome, I was already permitted in this competition


You're welcome, I was
Already permitted in
This competition

                 - aryanggi

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Good video girl, the cats beatiful animals... regards from Venezuela.


Thank,greetings also from Aceh Indonesia for friends there