DECEPTION CASE #02: @mohammadsajad Photo Plagiarism on Steemit

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While steem price is growing everyday it seems we really have to be prepared for another wave of scammers and plagiarists coming in. Being an artist which works pretty often being stolen by various blogs whatsoever, I have no mercy for such people trying to monetize using stolen photographs

Here is Case #02 from my side more related to photography, while @art-venture normally covers other art plagiarism cases in WOX community)


The story is pretty easy again. Obviously I do not have any possibility to monitor all the photography posts on steemit. But when it comes to the point that somebody posts at WOX or, even more, enters my daily photography contests, I do my best to keep the door closed to all plagiarism cases. Sooner or later it becomes clear anyway...

So when @mohammadsajad entered my contest with pretty decent entry week ago and briefly looking through his blog a couple of clear stolen photography matches were found at once. But gave one week more to see what he is going to post next.

And last photo added in his blog was like a "Red Flag", since it is really well known and spread widely on webs

Match #01


I definitely remember this kitty (its too much cute not to remember). The image was cropped with black lines from top and bottom. Maybe to make it look more like a smartphone or maybe to make google search more difficult.

There are plenty of matches and most probably all images taken from initial video (at least one year old) with 7 mln views...


The description provided to the post

Here i post a picture i took with my mobile camera in my orchard .. my cat and almond blossoms both are so so beautiful that i could not resist myself capturing this beautiful moment and also can not resist myself from posting it in the community i was just working in my orchard and my cat tried to get on to the almond tree and i put her on the branch and clicked the photo........i hope this community will help me to get some reputation on steemit ..... Thanks

Oh well, you will not get ANY reputation. And lets go further

Match #02


Source (multiply matches)

Again, square crop of even more popular photo in internet. A lot of matches and one of them


Full set of photos there by the way...

Match #03


Than one taken just from official tourist site of Kashimir. Again, somehow cropped to make it look more panoramic


Match #04


First photo is taken from at least 3 years ago post of RisingKashimir newspaper


Second is from Greater Kashimir


Third one from Official site of Department of tourism


What a mess....

Just to mention that instagram profile indicated doesn't show any photographic skills

And I will not go any deep to 2 years ago history of this user, which is at first sight full of plagiarized photography of very high quiality. 4 clear cases is more than enough...

At this point @steemcurator01 is very welcome to continue support with fighting such plagiarists and make steemit cleaner place for everybody

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Great works! This kind of works will put more value and quality on out amazing platform.

Thanks again Axeman, we need to take care of each other’s work. Steemit needs to take part on this cases of cheating, and take some action when this happens. This post is resteem, I will share in my Twitter and I will report that person. Regards.

This is very unfortunate but im glad those ones have been brought to light. We all have to be vigilant. Thanks for the dedication

It is true that as soon as the Price for Steem and SBD went up we see many people starting posting. But everything would be fine if people posts something from their own life, garden as well phones with camera and we all can write. But this is the time when such liars will try to deceive and get more for the property of others.

Thank you for revealing such case, very well done post!

Está claro que hay gente que quiere aprovechar el talento de los demás pot eso agradezco edte control que está haciendo.
Un saludo

Hello @axeman, I am glad to see that you work against plagiarism. I mean this kind of thing generates frustration and outrage. Here we have new users, as in my case, we do our best to give the best of ourselves and many times they are not valued, in fact, they go unnoticed. it's frustrating.

It is very unfortunate in this case...
A few days ago I praised mohammadsajad's work and he turned out to be a plagist. I feel angry that we give encouragement to our colleagues in Steemit, to continue to do wonderful work and it turns out to be a lie!!!!

Thank you @axeman for always keeping us informed about these cases.


There’s nothing more infuriating than someone taking credit for someone else work. I think such post should be removed.

Good spot, there needs to be some clear indicator in the user interface to show users that have plagiarized. The reputation system works to an extent but I think it needs to be made clearer to warn other users in future. Are there black lists for the community?


Yes, In WOX we do blacklist such users. Unfortunately we can't do much generally on a steemit level, so they are still free to continue posting elsewhere

Un importante labor de seguimiento y observación de fraudes y fallas @axeman

На самом деле, подозреваю, что среди тех фотографий, что выставляются на конкурс и побеждают - доля краденых работ гораздо больше. Не всё умеет гугло-поиск и даже не во всех закоулках интернета он достаёт.
Ну и с "реворкингом" надо что-то делать. Обрезать по карям чужую фотографию и выдать за своё творчество - это плагиат.
А заменить цвета в фотошопе - это уже не плагиат?... А ведь по хорошему - художественная обработка подленника должна бы делаться лишь с согласия автора.


Rano ili pozdno koncy vylezayut, no ty prav, eto da, k sozhaleniyu...

Кстати, действительно, простая прогулка в блог автора Стимит может рассказать насколько тот увлекается постингом чужих не подписанных фотографий и текстов.

Yes... that's an incredible work to check each photo one by one...
I have had photos stolen by someone who entered an airline competition. (To win a plane ticket ...). But what to do except one day meet one of these guys on a street corner and hope to be a better boxer than him!

Gracias por siempre estar atento a desenmascarar a esas personas que no aprecian el esfuerzo de todos.

Plagiarism is a criminal offence in publishing ; any culprit should treated as such and appropriate punishment meted to such !!

Excelente trabajo 👏 muchísimas gracias ❤️💯

Oooh the money dance😂

Well done for all the hard work. Pity people have to steal others work.

hola @axeman, gusto en saludarte. He seguido los post y lo que publicas en cuanto a fotografía se refiere como los contenidos y debo felicitarte por esas iniciativas así como por las orientaciones, en esa línea he visto concursos de alta resolución con cámaras profesionales, y yo soy un aficionado que no tiene una equipo avanzado, solo la dipsocion de tratar de hacerlo bien. ¿podría publicar de todas formas? o ¿Hay unos requisitos previos?

Gracias por la atención.

hello @axeman, nice to greet you. I have followed the post and what you publish in terms of photography is referred to as the content and I must congratulate you for those initiatives as well as for the guidelines, in that line I have seen high resolution contests with professional cameras, and I am an amateur who does not an advanced team, just the dipsocion to try to get it right. Could you post anyway? o Are there any prerequisites?

Thanks for your attention

#onepercent #venezuela #affable


Everybody is free to post! But judging is very strict lately due a lot of entries weekly