14 Days Diving Program - WORLD OF XPILAR Community



The principles and conditions of participation are set out in the RULES

Let me remind you of just a few important points and draw your attention to important details.


  1. a program participant creates at least 1 post per day in the WORLD of XPILAR community using the #steemexclusive and full Power Up (100% SP).

  2. at the end of the post title, in parentheses, indicate full Power Up. For instance:Frida Kahlo - Retrato Realista (PowerUp 100%)

  3. Mandatory participation in contests, comments, voting within the community WORLD OF XPILAR. Any activity is greatly appreciated.

As the project develops, the terms and conditions may be changed, which will be announced later. Follow the project news.


I will clarify again. This support program is for members of the WORLD OF XPILAR community only. In order for a candidate to be approved and included in the support program, the candidate must be active in the community prior to being included in the program.Being active in the community means that a community member should publish his posts in the community, comment on the posts of other members, respond to comments under his posts, vote for the likes of the posts of other members of the community. Of course, the activity of the program participant is not limited to the community. It is advisable to apply the same activity wherever you participate. But being active in the WORLD OF XPILAR community is a prerequisite for the program.


During this time, an interesting creative post of each participant will be supported from the World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail (no more than 1 time per day).

This point of the rules does not mean automatically curating your post just by virtue of its appearance in the community feed. The quality of your post will be a sufficient condition. Let me remind you that it is advisable to post at least 3 photos and an interesting meaningful text of at least 50 words. It is better if there is more and the text is informative and interesting to read. This is not Instagram with its principles.

Latest project news

To date, the following persons are the participants of the "14 days of DIVING" program

They continue to participate in the project:

@dudithedoctor, @isabeldc10, @petface, @wladimir.photo - our new project participants.

Congratulations to the new members and welcome aboard!

@jjer, @aye2001 -покинули программу в связи с истечением срока пребывания

Top posts of the week




6 master class in drawing was opened from @kikenexum on the topic "3D drawing"

See also previous master classes:
Isometric perspective
Light and shadow
Drawing with a grid
3D drawing-1

4 master class in drawing was opened from @nelsondoor on the topic "Vanishing Point".

See also previous master classes:
Line and pulse
Cross Plots
Shadows in basic shapes

2 master class in wood carving was opened from @erickyoussif on the topic ""Cutting Practice.

See also previous master classes:

Cutting out an eye

Within the framework of the program, a series of posts "Practical advice for beginner photographers" was organized by @bambuka

Cropping a photo
Camera selection
Manual camera settings
Manual camera settings: exposure
Lens #1
Lens #2

I am waiting for your applications for participation of additional candidates.
Leave applications in the comments to this post.

NOTE: The application will be reviewed by the community moderators and may be rejected without explanation.


С уважением, @bambuka

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  ·  작년

This was really helpful, thanks


You are welcome :)

  ·  작년

Thank you sir

Gracias por el apoyo en dias pasados, @bambuka.


You are welcome :)

Gracias, @bambuka,por todo el apoyo recibido para participar en esta Master class, es una gran oportunidad para mostrar los que nos apasiona hacer ,hay muchas personas con mucho talento que compartir y es bueno ver que en esta comunidad tienen su espacio!!


Me alegra que nuestra iniciativa inspire a todos a ser creativos y adquirir nuevas habilidades. Gracias por tu trabajo :)

Gracias por todo el apoyo !!!

Quería saber ¿Cuántos días me quedan en el programa?


El término estándar termina hoy, pero hay una extensión semanal para los miembros activos en el programa.
Si estás listo, entonces puedo darte esta oportunidad.

  ·  작년

Excelente post! Agradecido y feliz de ya ser un miembro!


Sigue activo y todo irá bien :-)

Thanks again for having me here @bambuka
It is an honour to have been selected for the program. #steemexclusive

Hi @bambuka, how can I be a member of the community?


Hi @ wladimir.photo, I visited your blog and I see that you are a good photographer. I must note that posting only one photo in a post reduces the chances of its worthy curation. It so happened that preference is given to posts with at least 3 photos and interesting informative text. This is when, after reading the text, you can learn something new or smile :))

At the moment, you have less than 50SP (however, you have STEEM DOLLARS, which can be converted to SP :)
But I am ready to include you in the support program.
Check your wallet.
I advise you to revise the structure of your messages in the direction of increasing the amount of submitted material. I can already see the quality, it is quite decent. Perhaps in the future I will have a separate offer for you, time will tell.

Buenas Noches Mod @bambuka, te escribo en la oportunidad, de solicitar tu apoyo, quisiera saber ¿como puedo ser participe de este programa?, soy miembro de la comunidad, participo en cada concurso, no tengo ninguna insignia de World Of Xpilar.


Dear @pastorjosuer you are included in the support program. Check your wallet, congratulations. I look forward to your active participation in the life of the community. Carefully read the rules of the program and success to you :)


Muchas gracias @bambuka estaré trabajando para hacer crecer a la familia


Bienvenido, no vale la pena gracias :)