Amanita muscaria

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This mushroom, red fly agaric, is considered by many mushroom pickers to be a poisonous toadstool and kicked in the forest. But this is from ignorance. In fact, this is a very valuable raw material for the preparation of medicines for many diseases, including oncology.

You just don't need to eat them raw. In dried form, the mushroom is safe and vice versa healthy. But here you need to have experience or a knowledgeable person nearby. It's all about the dose, as with any substance.




Этот гриб, мухомор красный, многие грибники считают ядовитой поганкой и пинают ногами в лесу. Но это от незнания. На самом деле это очень ценное сырьё для приготовления лекарств от многих болезней, в том числе от онкологии.

Просто не нужно их есть сырыми. В высушенном виде гриб безопасен и наоборот полезен. Но тут надо иметь опыт или знающего человека рядом. Всё дело в дозе, как и с любым веществом.

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This mushroom is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


Glad you liked it)) 🤗

It was interesting and surprising to hear that red fly agaric as raw material can be used in pharmaceutical industry.


Nо, pharmacists love chemistry ... it's a natural folk remedy))🤣 😂😅 🍄


Oh, ok, I get it now 🍄


👍😁 🖐️ :)