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Our children's game has ended today. Coincidentally, this is the day of payments and my granddaughter came to me after school. Of course, not specifically for evaluating competitive works, but it turned out so well.

She cannot read English, in the second grade of the school they are not yet taught foreign languages. I don’t speak either, but the browser has a built-in translator and I can read Russian. We sat down next to her and I read her three stories (that is how many applications arrived that were accepted for participation).

I understand that she is a girl, albeit a small one, so she liked the story with Big Mouth, Dragolin and Canito more than others. She especially liked the name Big Mouth.


Thus @ellieth is ranked first in this competition.

The story of John the naughty dragon, terrible Pancho and ... (we still did not recognize the name "A chubby kitty"), amused the granddaughter, although she was a little scared for the cat.


Thus @eve73 is ranked second in this competition.

The granddaughter also liked the story of the three guardians of nature Drako, Catsie and Toothsy. I even had to treat her to delicious sweets and I said that these sweets were sent to her by her three guardians.


Thus @bostonblake is ranked second in this competition. Yes, the second and third stories rank second together. We couldn't pick out the best one.


Призовой фонд по условиям нашей игры составляет 3 SBD
1 место - 1,5 SBD
2 место - 0,75 SBD


My congratulations to the participants & Cheers 🖐️ 😊

Prizes for participation will be sent and the next topic will be announced separately.


5% beneficiary @wox-helpfund


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Regards, @bambuka

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I'm glad to hear your granddaughter has enjoyed your story reading. Congrats to @ellieth, @eve73 and @bostonblake.


I loved creating this story, this was my first kid's tale


I think creating stories will inspire her to create more varied figurines. She got too carried away with Hagi Wagi)))
Thanks for the comment and congratulations to the participants. :)

oh dear! I missed it! I got tangled into other things and didn´t get around to this in time! I´ll enjoy reading this in the morning! What a great idea!


It's okay, I think these are not the last stories. The granddaughter has made many different figures, I hope to continue :)
Thanks for your comment🙏

Thanks a lot bambuka, i really enjoyed writing this story for your granddaughter. I wish I could see her smiling along. How old is she? If I may know of course


She is 8 years old and goes to school. All her free time she sculpts something from plasticine. I already have a whole shelf of figurines. I think I will soon be able to prepare more photos for new stories.
Thanks for participating
follow the news🖐️ 😊

what a great story, congratulations to the winners


Thanks for your comment 🙏

Thank you for organizing this wonderful contest :)

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Thanks for stopping by and support @stef1 :-) 🖐️ 😊
The idea was born spontaneously, I hope to continue this topic.

Thank you, it was really a pleasure to participate with these creative images.
Have a great day


You are welcome 😊

Mil gracias!