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The small old road we are going to walk on is only a couple of hundred meters, but you can walk on it all day if you consider in detail everything that comes along the way.

We will just admire the abundance of greenery and wonderful natural views. This road stretches along the side of the mountain and goes up a little. The sea is below, far below, and they are hidden behind the dense greenery of southern vegetation.

This is the coast of Abkhazia. New Athos. According to legend, Greek monks arrived here and built their monastery here. Now we are at the same height with the monastery, but with our backs to it. Our task is to reach the dacha of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

The dacha was built for his rest and work, but they say that he practically never visited here. During our entire stay in New Athos, we never got to this dacha, but we walked around freely and admired the most beautiful views.








We reached the turn and turned left. This building was immediately visible. It adjoins a sheer cliff and looks like it needs repair. But we won't go there any closer.


The road we passed was the only way to this summer cottage. Everything was well thought out when choosing this place.


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From Russia with Love



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friend beautiful landscape what I do not detail is that there are no flowers


This short road leads from the city to a dacha where no one lives. There is no one here to plant flowers and care for them. Maybe that's why :-)

beautiful and amazing view, good Jobs


Thanks :)

beautiful nature

This place is gorgeous.
Green and blue.


Thanks for stopping by 🙏🙂

Да, какая там сочнота)) климат идеальный! Такое стимулирует к планированию новых путешествий и открытий))


Благодарствую на добром слове))
Климат не плохой и не хороший, он просто есть))
Что одному хорошо, другому - смерть:))