I'm doing various things, 3D and photography, also a gif that I will finish tomorrow surely.
It's a little cool out here, not much but pretty cool for me, I'm pretty chilly. So it is to stay inside doing art (and other things) but I did not stop going to the garden for a while to take some photos and walk with my cats.

This work is a kind of self-portrait, I found it in one of my folders and I don't remember posting it. I have ever painted myself more realistic but it is not what I like the most in general. I really like surrealism and expressionism, fast painting, painting with a feeling, like throwing it out, ...


Oil on wood

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Yo soy mas de realismo, pero tengo que reconocer que tu autorretrato he quedado genial. Enhorabuena, tal y como dices, estos trabajos se hacen con sentimiento.
Saludos @barbarabeniza