Codes of Mu

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A new collaboration with @normandress.
I'm really surprised and happy with this work. We have achieved something beautiful, I love it very much!
We have worked on the silhouettes in a free and intuitive way, without previous ideas and little by little it took these forms. We have ended it feeling that it is a memory of something that we have ever seen since it becomes familiar and causes us a deep feeling.
Those codes, which are ultimately the subject of the title, were entirely causal. I was working on two works at the same time, this and my last one called "Mu", in this last one I had made those codes and I passed them to the other one so as not to open a new project and the codes were perfectly placed. Those codes were perfect there!
So we decided it was the missing touch and we are happy with the end result.


4706 X 5500 PX (IMAGE/PNG) 31 MB

This is a suspended moment that we have seen. These two beings are there now, they have always been there. The codes are being activated. Love and action together!

These work is available in KnownOrigin:





Collaborations are very interesting because unthinkable things happen! I'm more open than ever to this and that makes me happy because I was always quite closed for the simple fact of always working alone, just because habit. So it's highly recommended!

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Great integration of visions and dreams on one piece. It's rare knowing about a collaboration in an art that is mostly personal! It feels yours but it must be also related to the other author!! Awesome work and concept from both!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!


I do photo manipulation more than anything and although I've done digital illustrations it has always been with a base. This is 100% digital and at the moment, except for the background that is from norman dress made beforehand and that we also use in the silhouettes.
I am very happy with this work!
Thank you! ♥


Those spirals placed inside the silhouettes tell many stories. Great team and awesome results!!
Yes, you must be happy and I hope all your projects to be successful, but mostly they make you enjoy!! :)
Best wishes for the day by day!!


Thank you! Enjoy is the most important thing!

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